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Hire Bodyguards in the Dominican Republic to Bring You Comfort and Safety

If the combination of warm tropical beaches, sunshine, and excellent seafood in luxury resorts is your reference to the Dominical Republic, you are absolutely right. Tourism is a thriving source of income, and many tourists from all over the world enjoy beautiful nature and exclusive hotels. There is also a fair share of casino hotels to try your hand at winning some pocket money.  On the other hand, the Dominical Republic has many production companies (Zona Franca) predominantly working for the North American market. Export consists of staples such as sugar, tobacco, rice, and coffee and also mining. There is plenty of reason for you to want to do business there. You may, however, have heard about the downside of these opportunities, namely the high crime rate. About people driving around with their cars locked, the fences around private properties, and barred windows. This may be a reason to stop you from connecting your business or make you hesitate to book a holiday. So, is hiring bodyguards in the Dominican Republic something you should consider?

As a security company operating internationally, it is our business to know what is going on at the foreign destination our clients want to visit or stay at. We want you to understand that there is always a possibility to stay in the Dominican Republic safely and comfortably. This article gives you an insight into how we can be of assistance, remotely or right at your side.

What Is the Dominican Republic About?

The Dominican Republic is not the same as Dominica, which is also an island in the Caribbean but lies more to the south, between Guadeloupe and Martinique. The Dominican Republic covers approximately two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola. The Western part is the home to neighboring Haiti.

The nature on the island is exquisite, with Punta Cana as the main tourist attraction, with an abundance of resorts in its vicinity and a phenomenal underwater world to be discovered by scuba divers. Other seaside resorts like Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are more to the west.

The capital is Santo Domingo, home to a little over one million Dominicans. You can visit the neighborhood Ciudad Colonial, which was listed on the Unesco world heritage list in 1990.

Since its discovery in 1482, the Dominical Republic has known quite some turbulence, from Europeans conquering the island (resulting in the split French (Haitian) and Spanish (Dominican) part) to slavery, dictatorships, occupations (Spanish and American), and political attacks. Still today, many of the 10,6 million people lack the funds to lead a life according to Western standards.

Is the Dominican Republic Safe?

Official travel advice websites issued by, e.g., the US and British governments, inform readers that traveling to the Dominican Republic requires extra attention. However, Dominicans are very friendly, and if you stay alert, a visit will remain problem-free.

Some risks to consider include:

  • Petty theft, robbery, pickpocketing occur everywhere, not only in the cities. Do not wear any valuables in clear sight and keep an eye on bags and luggage at all times.
  • Some incidents occur due to a drive-by robbery. The difference in speed between you as a pedestrian and the motorized thieves increases the risk of an injury.
  • Armed robberies and attacks have been reported in big cities, especially at night.
  • Avoid the border region with Haiti, as armed attacks occur on the roads. Be aware of corruption at police checkpoints and in dangerous situations. Do not cross the border at night.
  • There have been reports of sexual assaults against tourists, also at beach resorts. Trust the resort staff only and do not invite or interact with strangers or people you have recently met.
  • Pay extra attention to your belongings at the airport, in public transport, and in remote tourist attractions.
  • Have your hotel or resort call you a taxi, and do not use a public taxi.
  • It is preferred to book organized group tours instead of exploring on your own.

Remote and In-Country Assistance

Infinite Risks can provide you with several protection services to increase your level of safety and comfort. This will prepare you well for your holiday or business trip and offer you the personal assistance you require.

Investigations & intelligence

Risk management

Technical solutions

  • We can provide you with a 24/7 panic button or GPS tracking device for your personal safety without invading your privacy.
  • Further technical security assistance could include an alarm system or a CCTV system for your residence.

Personal security

Executive protection and bodyguard services can be carried out by licensed and screened bodyguards, who can accompany you throughout the Dominican Republic.

More Information About Hiring Bodyguards in the Dominican Republic

Once we know the purpose of your stay in the Dominican Republic, we assess the risks you may run under various circumstances. This way, we can anticipate every step you take and keep you safe and comfortable at all times.

We are a security company from the Netherlands with a vast and reliable worldwide network. Our staff consists of predominantly Dutch, British, and US trained agents from specialized military, police and intelligence units. Our agents are multilingual and are uniquely skilled in, e.g., close protectionsecurity driving, trauma first aid and counter surveillance.

We are experienced in guiding travelers to and in the Dominican Republic and keeping our clients safe. Please contact us for more information about our VIP security services. We look forward to helping you out.


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