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If the safety in Europe is a concern to you, why don’t you ask a professional in risk management to offer you customized advice or bodyguards in Europe? People visit Europe for multiple reasons, i.e., business opportunities, visiting partners, family members and friends or to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

As borders within the European Union are easily crossed, European citizens move around freely. Today, more and more people live ‘abroad’ for work (increased job opportunities thanks to opening up borders), travel plenty or have a holiday house in another country than their home. This also means that people from outside Europe visit more European countries than ever before.

The Global Peace Index shows that European country Iceland leads the list, but also all other countries are considered safe. Opening up borders does not mean that European countries have become similar. It still remains a melting pot of cultures and every country has its own government, economy and security challenges.

As a security and intelligence agency, with our head office in the Netherlands, we operate worldwide. We offer our security consultancy or assist with close protection services in Europe for people who are anxious to visit one of the major cities. If you are an expat, UHNWI, celebrity or business executive and you share the concern about travel safety in Europe and would like to understand the issues that could pose a risk to your visit, this article may answer your questions.

Issues of Concern

Since 1993, the European countries have been forming the European Union. This enabled the stronger countries to help out the weaker nations and form a strong unity in dealing with other countries. The goals for prosperity and health for all members have led them to form a joint Parliament, enabling leaders to make collective interest decisions. Also, traveling from one country to the other without any delays in passport checks at border customs has benefited for the European citizens.

Today, Europe faces a number of issues that may affect the risks you run when traveling to and in the continent for business or personal purposes. A brief enumeration of these issues are:

  • The number of refugees has grown during the last couple of years. Most refugees originate from Afghanistan and Syria. The largest refugee camp in Europe is situated on the Greek island Lesbos. Unfortunately, the refugees have little options. They have to await their fate in camps. This takes years, as the European countries have a hard time deciding what to do with the growing number of people who want to build a better future for themselves.
  • Not only the refugees generate a problem for division between countries. There is a growing concern about the influence of leaders who display leadership strategies that differ from other countries the EU cooperates with closely. Russia and China seem to aim for increased world power, each in their way, and the leader of The United States of America tries to take control by distancing the US economy from the rest of the world altogether. As a unity constructed of smaller economies, it is challenging to make decisions quickly enough to face these changes.
  • The economic, political, and environmental decisions made centrally by the EU have not been to the taste of the British nation. On the 1st of January 2021, they have officially left the EU. No-one can conceive the long term implications it will have on the United Kingdom itself or the other countries within the EU, let alone its impact on the world.
  • These issues almost make you forget that terrorist attacks still pose a severe threat. We should not forget the attacks in Paris (Charlie Hebdo in 2015) and the truck driving straight into a crowd at the Christmas Fair in Berlin (2016). Especially if your company or position has ties to or is related to issues that conflict with the terrorist ideas, you should keep being vigilant.

What Can Our Bodyguards in Europe Do for You?

The many different countries in Europe have even more different cultures. If you would like to understand your risks when you require to travel to or within Europe, please feel free to contact us for:

We have found our way in serving clients in the most challenging circumstances and we can help you with any security issue you may have. From secure transportation to travel risk management and from private investigations to bodyguards in Europe.


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