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Enjoy Your Holidays to the Max: Hire Bodyguard Services on Mykonos

Mykonos is the pre-eminent party island this summer. The party scene can be compared with Ibiza, yet Mykonos is even more luxurious. During the day, you can lay on one of the beautiful beaches, while the vibrant nightlife extends over the many exclusive clubs. How to create a holiday to remember? Hire bodyguard services on Mykonos and don’t worry about safety and transportation. Find out what we can do for you.

Traveling to and on Mykonos

Mykonos has an international airport. Flights from various destinations arrive on a daily basis during the summer months. Also during the summer months, public transportation by bus is well-organized. Taxis are available but quite expensive. If you want to rent a car, you are required to have an international driver’s license.

Traveling the VIP way: hire a security driver for the duration of your trip. Your chauffeur is a licensed VIP protection specialist with special driving skills and first aid training in case of emergencies. He or she will bring you from your hotel or villa to the beach and drive you back home after the party is over.

Rent a private villa

Book one of the white hotels or villas on the island. From holiday packages with basic hotel, arriving by charter plane to five-star hotels and apartments with spas and extraordinary views. Mykonos has a wide range of holiday accommodation rentals.

Traveling the VIP way: rent a secluded private villa on Mykonos. Specialized agents rent out the hidden gems under the accommodations. Villas with multiple bedrooms and private swimming pool are situated close to private beaches. An ideal solution if you want to spend quality time with your family or friends away from the crowds. Our residential security guards patrol the outer areas of your villa and guard the entrance to register visitors. 

Enjoying nightlife safely

As a party island, the nightlife temptations may be hard to resist. Drinks, music and drugs may seduce you to do things you never thought you would. Or place you in a compromised situation that you did not induce or have any part in. Be careful of what drinks you accept and never consume any drugs when you are alone. Stay in popular clubs and neighborhoods where people watch out for each other.

Nightlife the VIP way: hire a bodyguard on Mykonos to accompany you during the nightlife parties. He or she not only assists you with crowd management to avoid harassment and dodgy situations, but reservations for private tables can be made as well. Also, your ride home is accompanied by a sober security driver. 

Organize your exclusive private party

During the summer season, every night is party night on Mykonos. Google for ‘Mykonos Party Calander’ and numerous results will pop up. You can browse through the suggestions for the best clubs and plan your trip, hopping from one party to the other.

Party like a VIP: plan your exclusive private party. Invite your friends for a unique party with the DJ of your choice, drinks, gourmet food and a private pool. Bodyguards and event security officers are there to detect and deter any trespassers, respond during medical emergencies and they know how to avoid any incidents from happening.

More Information About Bodyguard Services on Mykonos

Clients hire Infinite Risks International as their reliable partner for full-service assistance during a luxurious trip abroad. Our close protection officers know about the customs and risks of your destination. We always list your wishes and requirements and brief you and your party planners to avoid any misunderstandings. Infinite Risks officers are intelligent, smartly dressed and licensed former military and/or police officers who speak multiple languages. Our protection officers work both covert and overt, leaving you the choice of protection style.

We welcome you to contact us with your questions so we can provide you with all the relevant information about luxury transportspecial event security or close protection services in Mykonos. Customize our private security services in Mykonos to your needs. 


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