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Do You Need Bodyguard Services on Ibiza Like the Rich and Famous?

Why is the Spanish island of Ibiza so popular? And, if so many visitors overrun the island every season, how do people keep safe during their holiday? Discover why celebrities are so fond of Ibiza, how they protect their valuables by hiring bodyguard services on Ibiza, and how they travel without being seen.

Ibiza’s Popularity

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands. It is a top-rated holiday destination for a wide variety of vacationers. Not only for the many clubs where world-famous DJ’s perform during extravagant parties for all-night fun. The environment and peacefulness on the island also attract many nature lovers, who spend their time in remote towns and small, quiet inlets.

From May through September, the climate is superb. Hardly any rain, nice temperatures and summer breezes. For cultural activities, people visit the capital’s historic Dalt Vila, which is a historic part of Ibiza City filled with idyllic squares and small streets.

Food and drinks come in a wide variety on Ibiza. From fast food to fine dining. At the most popular places, the cost of eating and drinking is high. Alternatively, the demand for organic and healthy foods has risen in the last couple of years.

What people appreciate about visiting Ibiza is the relaxed atmosphere. The island has been known for its hippie culture where people ‘live and let live’. For that reason, some people also dream of living permanently on the island.

Celebrity Style Bodyguard Services on Ibiza

Visitors include many celebrities. For instance, David Guetta, Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo and James Blunt are known to own a holiday home on the island. Other celebs who have been spotted on the island include Lionel Messi, Shakira and Raphael Nadal. They live a double life on the island. Sometimes in the spotlight, but also enjoying their privacy out of the limelight. And this is how they do it.

Travel to Ibiza

Celebs travel to and from Ibiza in their private jet, on a commercial flight or via the ferry from the Spanish mainland. They have staff or agencies to arrange their visas, take care of the required paperwork and reserve lounge areas for them to wait in before their plane takes off. From the airport to the club or their holiday home, they travel in luxury vehicles with security drivers.

Rent a private Ibiza villa and/or private yacht

Some artists, royals, UHNWIs or famous people own a private villa or yacht on Ibiza. Others rent one for a few days or up to the full summer season. Celebrities love taking their families because many accommodations are very family-friendly. Agencies specialize in renting out hotel rooms or housing to people with a higher budget who want to spend some quality time anonymously. Ibiza is the perfect island for just that.

Make private reservations 

Hiring a master chef to prepare a dinner to enjoy a private Ibiza pool party or Ibiza beach party makes all the difference if you have only you and your entourage to enjoy it. They also have private dining reservations made at top-notch restaurants or clubs. This lets celebrities enjoy the best that Ibiza has to offer anonymously. Summer vibes, powerful beats mixed with cocktails and delicious food.

Hire a bodyguard

Hiring a bodyguard (close or covert protection officer) relieves them from the worry for their safety. Incidents that occur with innocent fans who want to take a selfie with them, to people who want to harass or burglar them. Bodyguards also watch out for their safety in crowds and protect their holiday homes and other assets.

Full-service Ibiza Protection

If you would like to visit Ibiza without the hassle or worries about your privacy or safety, please contact Infinite Risks International. We offer full-service Ibiza close protection. This includes travel safety advisory or guidance to travel to and from the island comfortably. We also make reservations for private dining or visiting hours and book secure hotels, villas and superyachts. Our licensed and higly trained bodyguards speak multiple languages and can offer overt and/or covert protection.

Feel free to share your travel plans with us. We can accommodate you with our customized services around the globe.

For more information about luxury transportsuperyacht security and/or bodyguard services on Ibiza feel free to contact us.


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