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Do High-Profile Individuals Need Bodyguard Services in Turkey?

Worldwide, people have been keeping track of  the developments in Turkey. “Do I hire bodyguard services in Turkey when I travel there for business or leisure?” and “What effects do the recent political concerns have for me?” These are legitimate questions for people with a high-risk profile. But, when do people have a high-risk profile?

Low-risk profile

You run a low-risk if you want to visit Turkey for a vacation or if you want to do business in central Turkey and on the east coast. Turkey is one of the most modern countries in the Middle-East, yet more conservative than most Western countries.

In general, people in Turkey are famous for their friendly nature and hospitality. So, if doing business or relaxing during a holiday is your purpose, there is no need to keep away. Major cities such as the capital Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya are as safe as any city in a Western country. As long as you don’t offend the people by insulting their leader, flag or currency and keep your opinion about the political decisions to yourself. Even single travelers or female travelers will encounter no problems whatsoever. Of course, you should keep in mind to always use common sense on your journey.

High-risk profile

Being a UHNWI, VIP, Celebrity or famous influencer, your high-profile is related to your status of fame. The apparent risk focusses on your wealth. If you are a diplomat, politician or member of a media team, you might cause suspicion by the government due to your political engagement. These two groups may require a different approach, but both need VIP security security services or close protection. It all depends on your goals and your destination.

Is Turkey Safe for People With a High-Risk Profile?

Early October 2019, the UK (along with various other countries) posted an update on the government’s Foreign Travel Advice website. The update was a result of the attacks in Northern Syria decreed by President Erdogan. Also, the Dutch, Australian and American governments have altered their travel advice.

Visitors are advised against traveling within a zone of six miles North of the Syrian border and to some areas and cities further North. This includes business travelers. The tension is high in the region. Please consult your countries’ travel advice service or visit the UK Foreign Travel Advice website here.

After the attempted coup in 2016, President Erdogan imposed a state of emergency which lasted until July 2018. Today, still some restrictions apply. Turkish laws forbid people to be a member of a  terrorist group or supporter of opposition groupings. This includes expressing yourself in public and social media. The surveillance is strict, and customs have been conducting a more substantial amount of checks on airports and main road than usual in the past. Throughout the country, you may encounter demonstrations which can get quite violent. Due to the overall political situation, the risk of terrorist attacks is quite high.

Combination of Western-Trained and Local Turkish Bodyguards

Having laid out the risks, you will understand that it all depends on your particular goals of how you can stay safe in Turkey. The vast majority of this beautiful country is safe for citizens and travelers and the culture and abundance of nature absolutely worth a visit. Turkey has a well-developed tourism industry that will satisfy your every need. Also, many business opportunities have attracted companies to collaborate with Turkish partners or establish a subsidiary themselves.

As a professional global private security company, we call on your wisdom. Take our best advice possible. Plan your trip! Familiarize yourself with the country and region you will visit. Understand the customs and get in touch with organizations and individuals who can help you plan a trip before you set off.

This can vary from obtaining advice for your personal travel risk management, airport meet and greets, arranging secure transportation or hiring bodyguards.

Our VIP bodyguard services in Turkey may include travelling in advance to conduct route recconaissances, and to arrange local accomodation, secure transportation and trauma medical services. Our vast global network enables us to hand-pick reliable (firearms) certified Turkish bodyguards who speak multiple languages and know the environment, habits and traditions. Our expertise and experience will make your stay a relaxed and successful one.

For more information about our executive protection services and bodyguard services in Turkey, we welcome you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to guiding you safely through the beautiful country of Turkey!


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