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Bodyguard Services in Qatar Ensures Your Safety and Comfort

Of all the neighboring countries in the Middle East, Qatar is a bit out of the ordinary. Not because it is an emirate with an emir as head of state or because its export predominantly consists of oil and gas. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. On the other hand, some controversial incidents have occurred, which impact the relationship Western and bordering countries have with Qatar. Does that mean Qatar is unsafe to do business with or travel to? We definitely think not. So, do you need bodyguard services in Qatar?

Depending on the nature of your visit, it is wise to prepare your stay well and take necessary precautions to keep safe and comfortable. Discover how you can create peace of mind in this article.

What About Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Most of the country consists of desert land, which is why more than half of its citizens live in and around the capital of Doha. The desert climate with little flora implies high temperatures all year round, which requires human-made facilities and constructions to work and live comfortably.

Today, approximately 2,5 million people live in Qatar permanently. The population proliferated in the 21st century by immigrants from, among others, the United Kingdom, India, Nepal, Iran, and other Arab countries.

The oil and gas industry is the primary source of income. However, business opportunities for sustainable energy, agriculture, health care, and sports also exist. Tourism is still in the infancy phase.

Qatar wants to be on the international stage as far as sports are concerned. In 2015, Qatar hosted the World Championship Handball, and in 2021, the first F1 Grand Prix was held. Other sports events include the World Championship Soccer in November 2022 and the annually returning F1 Grand Prix as of 2023.

Is Qatar Safe?

As said, some recent consecutive actions and decisions made by the government have impacted the way Qatar is viewed upon. For example, in early 2017, five Arabic countries broke their diplomatic ties due to the emir’s pro-Iran remarks. Next, the country decided to withdraw its membership in OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). Lastly, in 2021, British newspaper the Guardian and Amnesty International reported abuses of immigrant workers who have been working under unsafe circumstances.

Does that affect general safety? No. Based on the crime levels, you can determine that Qatar is a safe country to visit. Only a few rare personal attacks and sexual assault incidents have been reported. Yet, the follow-up police and judicial settlements are controversial in these cases. On the one hand, the perpetrator may face severe sentencing; on the other hand, victims are obligated to prove their innocence.

Are Bodyguard Services in Qatar the Only Solution?

Be a watchful tourist or business traveler if you have no experience visiting the Middle East, and stick to booking taxis, hotels, and excursions with certified and renowned companies.

Personal safety starts by checking who you do business with, whether this is a person or a company. Also, make sure you understand the culture and its ways. To set you off, we gladly share a few pointers.

  • Always be polite. Qatari like to start with small talk. Learn how to say “hello” (Salaam or Assalaam Alaykum) and “thank you” (Shukran).
  • Ask someone about their health or their family. Stay away from conversations about religion and politics, nor criticize the emir. This may result in a prison sentence.
  • Dress respectfully. Ladies do not have to cover their heads but respect the religion and the fact that the citizens do not want to see much of your body.
  • Accept an offer of coffee or tea. Declining the offer may be frowned upon.
  • Let a lady from your company start the conversation if you need to address a lady. Men greet females not by shaking hands. An alternative could be to nod your head.
  • Ask for permission before taking a photo.
  • If you want to drink alcohol, visit a five-star hotel. They have a liquor license, but drinks do not come cheap. Watch out for drinking too much. The zero-tolerance policy is strictly maintained.
  • Be careful when driving yourself, as moving through traffic may be challenging. Always stay with your car until the police have investigated and reported the accident and cleared you to leave. This is necessary for your insurance.
  • Book an excursion in the desert with a professional and reliable organization only. They will take you in 4 x 4 vehicles and arrange water and mobile contact supplies. The same applies to sea travel. Strict rules and regulations apply.
  • Qatar’s political position impacts how other countries view the country, but it also affects the opinions of locals. Always be aware of your position as a foreigner and follow news and advice from people you trust and are well-acquainted with. Avoid crowds and demonstrations.

How Can We Assist?

Especially if you want to combine your travels with a stay in other Middle East countries, we advise you to prepare well.  A professional security security service provider with international experience can help you with pre-trip planning by conducting a risk assessment, offer travel security or bodyguard services in Qatar, and everything in between.

Are you looking for VIP security solutions, so you can focus on your holiday or business without any worries? We invite you to contact us with your travel goals. We can accompany you on your inbound and outbound flight, arrange secure transportation and act as your personal assistant for you and your family as far as reservations and bookings are concerned. We know the area and speak the language.

More Information About Bodyguard Services in Qatar

Our staff are Dutch and British and they all speak multiple languages. We know our way around the region and have close contact with local authorities and security partners.

We invite you to contact us with your security requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information about executive protection and our other exclusive security services. Our protection agents are ready to deploy globally. 


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