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7 Benifits of Bodyguard Services in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful and vibrant country, attracting millions of tourists every year from every age group. Besides the fact you might need bodyguard services in Portugal for whatever reason or threat, it is a country that offers something unique to vacationers, such as:

  • Young people who want to party all night (Albufeira is the most popular)
  • Families with smaller children that want a private home with a swimming pool (Algarve)
  • Business people who wish to combine work and pleasure (workation and digital nomads) (Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, Faro, Portimão and Lagos)
  • Senior travelers who want to tour the Mediterranean (all of the above and Braga, Madeira and the Azores).

Maybe you are one of the tourists from the neighboring country of Spain or from France, The United Kingdom, or Germany. These Europeans visit Portugal by the millions each year. Also, a growing number of visitors come from Brazil and The United States of America.

With this many visitors each year, can you rely on safe travels when you come to Portugal?

What About Safety in Portugal?

Portugal is generally considered a safe country to visit and live in. The country has a stable political climate where the police maintains law and order. Authorities take various measures and are responsive and efficient in handling emergencies and ensuring public safety.

For that reason, Portugal has a lower crime rate than other European countries. However, it does not mean petty crime and pickpocketing cannot occur. Use common sense in all situations and take standard precautions such as safeguarding your belongings at all times in crowded areas and public transport, for instance.

You can rely on its safety infrastructure, including emergency services, hospitals, and fire departments. The healthcare system in Portugal is also generally regarded as reliable. Two of the reasons to maintain that high service level are:

  • Tourism plays a significant role in the Portuguese economy
  • The country offers a welcoming business climate and location climate for pensioners.

Relocation Tax Benifits

More and more vacationers fall in love with the country’s culture, climate, and tax benefits. Income from interest and dividends has been tax-exempted. The tax benefits for seniors are even more favorable. As Non-Habitual Residents (NHR), many Europeans pay only 10% tax over ten years of their pension when they settle in Portugal. Moreover, double-tax treaties with various countries may result in even more tax benefits..

Residential Security in Portugal

If you are thinking of buying real estate in Portugal, or you own a property, you may want to live there permanently, stay there infrequently, or even rent it out. These goals come with different risks.

How can you be sure the real estate company has your interest at heart? Are they bonafide? What means and level of personal security do you require when you are present and when you are not? How can you be sure that the people renting your place are trustworthy? Who do you trust to conduct cleaning, maintenance, and repairs without running the risk of petty crime by staff?

Preparing well for migrating to Portugal or acquiring real estate means understanding your risks from all perspectives. The lower the risk, the higher your return on investment and the higher you can enjoy the climate and culture. An professional security guard company can help you with the preparations and residential security services.

Additional Investigations & VIP Security Solutions

Benifits From Bodyguard Services in Portugal

Specifically for UHNWIs, VIPs, seniors and pensioners, there are several benefits of hiring bodyguard services in Portugal. One of these may apply to you specifically.

  1. Safety at home
    Bodyguards can help you feel secure in your own home. They can advise you and implement security measures, such as monitoring access points, installing alarm/CCTV/gates/motion detecting, and establishing protocols for handling unexpected visitors.
  2. Safety in public spaces
    Overt or covert protection officers and security drivers can provide a sense of safety when you are out and about in public spaces. They deter potential threats, monitor surroundings for suspicious activities, and intervene in the case of an emergency.
  3. Travel security
    Risk assessment and management is a way of forward-thinking when you plan to fly in or out of the country or spend time away from your residence. Travel bodyguards are skilled in determining and analyzing potential risks. They can identify vulnerabilities in your (strange) surroundings, plan secure routes, and take proactive measures to minimize risks to your personal safety.
  4. Increased privacy
    Bodyguards can help protect your privacy and that of your guests (events) by maintaining a secure perimeter around you, your business, and your residence. They can prevent unwanted attention, intrusion, or harassment from individuals who may pose a threat or invade your personal space.
  5. Personal assistance
    A bodyguard can be more than a protector. As they speak the language and know their way around, they can perform small admin tasks to make your stay even more comfortable. For a more personalized and professional service, we work closely with a local company that provides top tier concierge services.
  6. Mobility Support
    Bodyguards can assist with mobility challenges, accompanying you during walks, outings, or travel. They can ensure a safe and secure environment, helping you maintain your independence while minimizing the risks associated with unfamiliar surroundings.
  7. Medical assistance and emergency response
    Bodyguards are trained to act in situations that require medical assistance. Under normal circumstances (check-ups with specialists and medication reminders / administration) and during a situation of distress or emergency when time is of the essence, specialized bodyguards understand your needs. They can provide reminders, assist in organizing and administering medications, and respond swiftly and adequately when you require emergency care.

More Information

We are a professional provider of Portugal security services with a vast and reliable network of security companies throughout Europe. Our (low profile) close protection operatives are highly trained and come from Portuguese military and police special forces units. Our Portuguese security guards speak at least two languages and are uniquely skilled in, e.g., advanced driving, advanced first aid, adventure sports and surveillance detection. Our highly experienced staff consists of male and female bodyguards.

We are experienced in transporting and providing security for; corporate clients, private clients, artists, celebrities and (ultra) high net worth individuals in Portugal’s cities and rural areas. Please contact us today for more information about our executive protection services in Portugal. We look forward to helping you out.


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