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What to Consider Before Hiring Bodyguard Services in New York?

Is New York safe? Is New York safe at night? Is New York safe for female travelers? Is Harlem safe? How safe is Central Park? Do I need bodyguard services in New York City? We could go on and on…… For every one of these queries, you can find an answer on the internet. That says a lot about how many times people ask Google these questions.

In only a few decades, New York City has transformed from a city with a huge crime rate to a safe place for tourists, students and citizens. Thanks to the hard work and intertwining cooperation of both public and private agencies and institutions, the first success was fixing up Bryant Park in 1980. This accomplishment led to other initiatives such as reducing the disorder in the blocks surrounding Grand Central and tackling minor offenses by the New York transit police. Over the years, more and more neighborhood organizations adopted similar methods, resulting in safer environments.

New York Is Very Safe (Certainly for Low-Profile Individuals)

Safe neighborhoods attract investors, businesses and new inhabitants. Gentrification has taken place plentiful in New York, initiating even more real-estate developments, building conversions, leisure parks, tourist attractions and events. Today, both tourists and citizens walk and cycle the streets of New York, ride buses and subway trains, hail cabs and order Ubers to get to their destination.

As a visitor with a low-profile, Manhattan, is one of the safest places to be. Greater New York is still working on getting their neighborhoods gentrified. As lower Manhattan becomes too costly for many people, adjacent neighborhoods, such as Harlem and Brooklyn, will also find themselves attracting more wealthy inhabitants. Still, some neighborhoods are best avoided. Make sure you plan ahead and find out what part of New York you want to visit and more importantly; when.

Do High-Profile NYC Visitors Require Bodyguard Services in New York?

If you are not a typical low-profile visitor or business traveler, some situations may require personal protection. A professional security agency is experienced in protecting clients such as Royalty, VIPs, artists, politicians, celebrities and UHNWIs. Risks for these high-profile individuals include harassment, assaults, attacks, burglary, and kidnap. To keep you safe, we always start with an elaborate risk assessment which may lead to preventive actions like:

  • Close or covert protection during meetings, conferences, dinners, gala’s, shows, etc.
  • Arranging private shopping opportunities or visiting tourist attractions
  • Providing secure transportation and planning of travel routes and accommodations (including a backup plan)
  • Continuous monitoring and assessing the situations and locations
  • Maintaining contact with local authorities and law enforcement
  • Crowd management and special event security (including uniformed static security guard service)
  • Celebrity bodyguards & VIP protection services

How Can I Find the Right Executive Protection Company in New York?

Depending on your goals and your situation, it is essential to think about your requirements before hiring someone to protect you. These are a few tips to consider before hiring a bodyguard in New York.

  • Understand that your status is an essential aspect to think about and discuss with the protection agency. Are you commonly recognized in public? For what reason? There is a vital approach distinction in celebrity bodyguards services (e.g. artists, actors, etc.) as opposed to business leaders, royalty or politicians, for instance. The latter category of people may not stand out to the public as much, but their risks are very different.
  • How many people are in your party? What are their roles and ages?
  • What are your travel plans? What neighborhoods or venues will you visit? Do we need to consider crowds? Knowledge about where you plan to go enables professionals to plan ahead.
  • What is the duration of your stay? Are special agents with distinct skills required (medical), or do you need a team to take shifts for the long hours?
  • What information you have already gathered shines a light on the nature of any possible threats?
  • What do you expect of the bodyguard?

One-stop-Shop Personal Security Service

Aside from special event securitysecure ground transportation or bodyguard services in New York, at Infinite Risks International, we extend our services for a one-stop-shop experience. This means that we advance the locations before you arrive, double-check safety continuously and provide our flexible protection without compromising your privacy. We can help you setup a travel risk management program, book accommodations and flights, make reservations for restaurants, hotels, theaters and arrange transfers from one place to another.

Feel free to contact us for your protection travel needs for New York. We work with trained and licensed private security guards only. Our staff knows their way around in the Big Apple to make your stay safe and memorable.


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