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Exceptional Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles

How to distinguish exceptional bodyguard services in Los Angeles from a shady bruiser? It’s actually quite easy. Discover what the difference is between a professional close protection officer and a self-proclaimed, unlicensed bodyguard.

Who Hires Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, California; the home to many celebrities, movie stars, actors, singers, bands, anchors and TV-personalities. High-profile individuals often hire personal protection agents to protect them in crowds. This group of people feels very vulnerable in public as they have to keep up appearances. Even if they feel a bit under the weather or stressed, they cannot afford to ignore fans and stand up for themselves the way they would want. They rely on highly trained professionals to do that for them.

But that is not all a VIP protection agency can do for them. Celebrities have several groups of ’fellow-companions’ who require regular protection services when stepping out on the streets. Think of family members. This group is commonly less frequently recognized by the big crowds. They have a different reason to keep safe. They seek protection from those individuals who stalk them, opportunists who harass them for their assumed chances and criminals who are after their money, for instance. Unfortunately, death threats are one of the most horrific reasons for some people to employ a 24/7 bodyguard services in Los Angeles.

Hire a Professional, Not a Bouncer

Professional bodyguards hardly come into action. At least, not with their muscles or weapons. They appear as watchful escorts to the public eye. However, today, executive protection officers and bodyguards not only require an exceptional appearance and excellent condition, but the licensed men and women are required to be fully licensed and have been trained in specialized police and military units. They use intelligence to profile the environment and assess the risks before coming into action. With their good communication and planning skills, they know how to prevent an incident from escalating before it even starts.

Locations and Situations

Professional bodyguards know their way around the world and often possess skills to guide clients in various locations. For instance, during a boat trip on their superyacht, at their residences or (red carpet) events (event security). Also, for traveling purposes, a protection agency can provide you with travel risk advisory and an unarmed travel bodyguard during business-related or leisure trips. If you require security advice or protection in your home, during your work, holiday or travels, please remember that a tailor-made solution is the best solution. In some cases, an individual bodyguard or security driver suffices. Other occasions call for a team approach. Therefore, a professional agency will ask you to answer a set of questions. Your answers enable them to assess your situation and only offer the actual protection services you need.

Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles for Your Wellbeing

With the advice acquired by a protection agency complemented by hiring overt or covert protection officers to guide you, to the outside world, you indicate that you take your safety seriously, which says a lot about your professionalism and security awareness level. Protection for your wellbeing offers you four advantages:

  • Protection works as a discouragement to those who have harassing, stalking or criminal intentions.
  • In case you require medical assistance, your bodyguard is trained and experienced in first aid. He/she knows what to do when you suffer from a heart attack or CVA, calls a first responder in no-time and convey detailed information about your condition to hospital staff.
  • When you feel confident about your safety, this offers peace of mind.
  • Because you have others to look over your shoulder constantly, you have the freedom to reach your leisure and business goals.

Infinite Risks is an internationally operating protection agency. We offer the full range of private security services, advice and activities to safeguard you, your family and your assets. We employ licensed staff only who will offer you the opportunity to achieve your ambitions without compromising your privacy.

We gladly inform you what positive impact our protective services has had on our valued clients so far. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our bodyguard services in Los Angeles, California. We gladly propose you a tailor-made solution and an appropriate offer.


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