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Bodyguard Services in India; When Do You Hire a Bodyguard?

When do you hire bodyguard services in India? India is a country of contradiction. Poverty versus wealth and spiritual versus business-minded. It attracts all sorts of visitors, from travelers who want to explore the natural beauty and spiritual richness to NGO staff who contribute to society. Business travelers take up a huge part as well.

For example, diplomats who aim to lobby on their country’s behalf. Western companies seek either production staff for their subsidiaries or join in on the competition for ‘offshore outsourcing’. In that case, the Indian staff works for companies in Europe or Northern America, but stay in their home country.

These developments have increased the gap between poverty and wealth over the last years. There is a significant difference in wealth between the cities and the countryside, but also the 29 Indian states differ significantly.

Is India Safe? The Risks Related to Region and Status

With these developments, the risks expatriates, diplomates, media teams, business people, and leisure travelers run vary. They depend on their goals and range from petty theft to serious assault and burglary. Also, the risk of kidnap or a terrorist attack is conceivable.


The risks of terrorist attacks generally restrict to certain regions. It is wise to be extra careful near the Pakistan border and regions, including Pune, Jammu, and Kashmir. As a Western visitor, when your military forces are involved in the conflict in Iraq and Syria, you may run a higher risk of attacks by terrorist individuals or groups.


Main cities where petty theft, scams, and sexual assault have been reported include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. It is advised to be watchful when using taxis and refrain from using public transport.


Health care facilities cannot be compared to Western standards. Especially in rural areas, health care may not be available at all. If you require medical treatment for asthma or bronchitis, consult your doctors prior to your visit to India. Air pollution may take a toll on your condition. Remember to bring or acquire protection equipment against mosquito bites. They can transmit dengue fever, Chikungunya virus or the Zika virus. Due to the dense population, Indian cities have a hard time fighting the Coronavirus. Make sure you book accommodation where you can stay isolated.

Natural disasters

Monsoons, earthquakes, and cyclones or tropical storms are natural disasters that occur in India. Always check the region you visit for seasonal high-risks. Be aware that emergency response as well as survival equipment is not readily available or meet the Western standards.


Indian infrastructure is also not according to Western standards. For road, rail, sea and air travel, book with renowned companies only and ensure that vehicles are well-maintained and provided with safety measures. Make sure to keep on eye on your luggage and personal belongings at all times.

In general, we advise you to avoid busy crows and be alert when visiting markets, sports clubs, hotels and restaurants, and other public places. Refrain from carrying a lot of cash or wear/carry valuables visibly. Engage with someone you know and trust only. Always carry a copy of your passport with you, both in print and in digital form. Also, leave a copy at home, at your hotel, or a friend’s place, so you can access them when you have become the victim of a robbery.

For detailed information about traveling to India and the risks for various regions, visit the website of your government’s foreign travel advice, for instance, the UK website.

Prepare Well, Take Security Measures and Feel Safe

In view of the differences in India, every traveler and every situation demands an individual approach. For that reason, a personal risk analysis is the starting point with all forms of protection during your travels to India. If you travel well-prepared and take educated measures, you will automatically increase your chances of a pleasant and safe trip.

A professional bodyguard or close protection agency can help you with the following services:

  • Bodyguard services in India. In some cases, a covert personal bodyguard who stays to the background works beneficial to your business opportunities.
  • Safe transportation can be challenging to arrange abroad, especially when you do not know which company you can trust. We can sort out reliable and luxury transportation and arrange vehicles and trained security drivers.
  • Protecting you and your family, as well as your belongings abroad for both business or leisure purposes, requires meticulous planning. Also, your movements, accommodation, and reservations will be checked for safety. When your plans change unexpectedly, our plans change accordingly, and in some cases, different or extended measures are necessary.
  • We can prepare encounters with individuals you have not (yet) met before or who supposedly pose a higher risk due to their notoriety by assessing the possible threats.
  • Are you obligated to travel to India, but you suffer from a medical condition, you may feel increased anxiety about your safety. Every protection officer has been extensively trained in advanced medical procedures, including First Aid, CPR, and survival and rescue operations. Even in high-risk zones, a trained bodyguard will look out for your safety and health.

Further Information

Would you rather plan your trip to India without security services, yet travel well-prepared? Discover how we use the knowledge and experience of our staff to provide a made-to-measure travel security training for you and your staff. We assess your travel risks and adapt our travel safety training to meet your leisure or business goals.

Infinite Risks International doen not employ former bouncers or ordinary security guards but only employs highly trained and former government personal security officers, who have traveled the world in assisting VIP clients of all sorts, including: UHNWI, diplomats, celebrities and Royalty. Please feel free to contact us today and find out how we can provide peace of mind. 


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