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How to Secure Your Safety With Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong

Is it really necessary to secure your safety with bodyguard services in Hong Kong today? This modern economic and commercial business hub is one of Asia’s wealthiest cities. On the Forbes Top 10 List of cities that billionaires call their home Hong Kong ranks second, even above Being and Singapore.

As a special administrative region under Chinese regime since 1997, Hong Kong has remained its central position thanks to the excellent facilities, infrastructure and thriving business culture developed under British government during the timespan of 156 years. That is why the city still attracts many businesses and multinationals.

However safe Hong Kong may feel, this knowledge attracts both serious criminals and opportunists in petty theft. Threats include kidnaps, extortion and burglary. Additionally, the pending insurgence situations add to that.

Pending Threats in Hong Kong

Since mid-March 2019, protesters have been demonstrating against Hong Kong’s government. Their motives were initially aimed at the proposed Fugitive Offenders Amendment Bill. Citizens were worried about infringement of pending human rights liberties and freedom of speech to a certain group once they were deported. Protest and demonstrations have led to riots and clashes between protesters and the police. On some occasions, the violence was severe, and riots took place in areas that attract many tourists, public transport, commercial zones, and residential areas.

Until today, both authorized and unauthorized demonstrations still take place now and again, and they are expected to be organized during the coming period as well. Besides the threat of being caught in the violence of an uncontrolled protest, the risk of being pick-pocketed or assaulted by criminals who take advantage of the turmoil should likewise be taken seriously.

What Can You Do to Safeguard Yourself and Your Family?

Target groups

Expats, diplomats, media teams and ultra high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) are a lucrative target for criminals. If you reside in Hong Kong or travel for business or leisure, make sure that you stay on top of the news. Check for planned, authorized demonstrations and talk to locals to find out if any unauthorized protests with a higher risk for rioting are planned.

Plan your trip

Also, many public transport stations have been closed due to the damage caused by previous riots. Check the public transport website for more information on routes and time tables. The Hong Kong government issues accurate news on traffic and public transport on a designated website that is updated daily.

Personal attacks

Personal assault on wealthy individuals are rare; however, they do happen. Similar is the situation for sexual assaults. As a single male traveler, make sure you leave your valuables at home, the office or hotel and refrain from adopting a regular (traceable) living-work pattern. Single female travelers should be cautious of spiked drinks and refrain engaging with strangers.

How Can Bodygurad Services in Hong Kong Help You?

The relatively safe environment and Western atmosphere in Hong Kong can be misleading. Unfortunately, numbers show that crime does occur, and especially UHNWIs run a higher risk of being assaulted.

A professional organization with international experience can offer various services to keep you, your family and your assets safe around the world. We understand how important and delicate the business and relationships in Hong Kong can be. Please rest assured that all the services described below are executed with the utmost care and discreetness.

  • Bodyguard services or executive protection
  • If you require more freedom of movement or want to operate discreetely, covert executive protection may be an excellent alternative.
  • For traveling to and from Hong Kong from anywhere around the world, you can hire travel security specialists. This person or team travels with you or in advance to airports and business or leisure destinations to prepare everything for your arrival and to respond during (medical) emergencies.
  • Security audits offer an indication of the pending security in your organization. This can include both security measures, systems and training of staff and chauffeurs.
  • Superyacht security. This applies to sailing trips and keeping your yacht, family and friends safe, as well as advice on instructing your staff how to assess potential risks and how to act in the case of an emergency.
  • Residential security to guard you and your family 24/7 around your residence(s).
  • Security and advice for media teams who want to cover the news. This service can include a security adviser (backwatch) to accompany you during your trip.

More Information About Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong

We understand that the current situation in Hong Kong can change on a daily basis, due to the pending situation. Infinite Risks International has up-to-date knowledge and experience in protecting clients in every area in Hong Kong. Benefit from our pending involvement and cooperation with local Hong Kong security companies. Our staff consists of highly trained and licensed Dutch, UK and US former intelligence, military and/or police officers, who have plenty of experience in protecting the most influential people on the planet.

Feel free to discover more about our organization and our high-end security solutions. If you have any questions about the current situation in Hong Kong or about our close protection services and bodyguards in Hong Kong, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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