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If you are planning to travel or visit Curaçao or if you want to work and live there, you may want to understand what this island is all about. Especially if you are concerned about security, you probably landed on this webpage to find out if the island is safe and if you need bodyguard services in Curaçao.

What Is Curaçao About?

First, let us tell a bit about Curaçao. The island is an independent country (or municipality) within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite its separate status and governmental executive board, the connections are still solid.

The island has an excellent infrastructure that supports the economy, predominantly consisting of trade (offshore and free zone) and tourism. Also, marina and port activities such as ship repairs and container handling take a significant part.

Curaçao is a melting pot of cultures thanks to the history during the Dutch occupation. Most Dutch are not very proud of their actions during this period of time. However, the cultural variety resulted in a relaxed vibe. This layback way of living attracts Dutch and American pensioners to emigrate to the island. Also, trainees, mostly in the health care and hospitality business, have the time of their life during their apprenticeships.

The constant Caribbean climate draws travelers from all over the world, but especially Europeans and Americans who spend their holiday in one of Curaçao’s resorts and hotels.

VIP Visits to Curaçao

If you enjoy luxury stays and business climates, Curaçao may be just your next destination. Three main factors attract VIP travelers:


The most popular sports on the island are baseball and football (soccer). About three-quarters of the Dutch national baseball team come from Curaçao. Also, the Curacao soccer team plays international matches.

Travelers come to enjoy a round of golf, which can be done at one of the three (!) golf courses. Tournaments on these golf courses attract many visitors each year.


Annual events, such as Carnaval, North Sea Jazz festival, and Sami Sailing Regatta, are happenings that make another visit to Curaçao unique.


Last but not least, tourism is the main reason people visit Curaçao. The island has many extraordinary hotels and resorts.

Safety Curaçao

Curaçao is generally very safe to visit. You can consider it a destination like any other. Being clever will keep you and your family safe. That means not flashing your valuables, not going out on your own at night in Willemstad, and keeping an eye on your luggage and purse.

The most common criminal activity is theft and robbery. Not everyone is wealthy. Opportunity makes the thief, so it is wise not to create an opportunity. This also means staying away from certain neighborhoods.

If you require assistance in keeping you, your family, or your assets safe on Curaçao, we can help you with the following:

Investigative solutions

  • Looking for a misssing person? We are able to assist you in finding a missing person on Curaçao.
  • If you want to hire staff during your stay, screening personnel beforehand will ensure that you can trust the people you interact with.

Technical solutions

  • For your personal security without constant supervision, we can arrange a 24/7 panic button for you to carry or GPS tracking devices. This will benefit you when you require senior or medical assistance and road service assistance.
  • The objective for technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) is to find out whether your systems are tampered with. We can also use our bug sweeping equipment to detect bugging devices and spy cameras.
  • Other technical security systems may include alarm systems and CCTV systems.

Personal protection

Personal protection services include security forms where licensed and screened staff members accompany you to or on the island. You can think of:

More Information About Bodyguard Services in Curaçao

Infinite Risks is a Dutch-based protection agency with several decades of international experience. Our security consultants are predominantly Dutch, British and US trained close protection officers from specialized military, police and intelligence units.

We have plenty of experience traveling to and in Curaçao and keeping our clients safe on the island. We invite you to contact us for more information about VIP protection and bodyguard services in Curaçao. We look forward to helping you out on the ABC islands (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire).


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