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Be Safe! Hire Bodyguard Services in Cape Town, South Africa

If you are asking yourself questions such as: ‘Is it wise to hire bodyguard services in Cape Town?’ and ‘Is Cape Town Safe?’ The answers are yes to the first and no to the second question. Type in a similar query in any search engine and the proof will fill page after page of related links.

Unfortunately, Cape Town is not a safe city. South African Cities Network compiles an annual report (The State of Urban Safety in South Africa) about the safety in South Africa using recent statistics. Although the efforts to fight various forms of violations, the report mentions (a.o.), that Cape Town has a disproportionate level of crime and violence.

Similar to other major cities in the world, the majority of crimes are unrelated to tourists but mostly to gang wars. However, due to the social instability, (wealthy) visitors do run the risk of being pickpocketed, robbed or worse.

The abundance of nature and business opportunities may draw you to Cape Town nonetheless. A visit is absolutely worth your while. The authorities have introduced various initiatives to improve the safety of both citizens and visitors. With result.

Tips to Keep You Safe With or Without Bodyguard Services in Cape Town

Ultimately, spending time in Cape Town for business or leisure purposes requires using your common sense at all times. A seasoned traveler knows never to leave the luggage unattended and not to flash with his or her valuables. Without stating the obvious, please find below a few tips especially applicable to Cape Town, South Africa for keeping you safe:

  • Explore the neighbourhoods you want to visit but avoid dangerous townships on your own at any time. Hire an official tour operator for excursions.
  • Do not walk the streets alone at night. And preferably do not walk alone at any time. In some crowded tourist areas the risk is low, but use taxis to get from one place to the other.
  • When paying a bill at a restaurant, for instance, always keep your credit card insight. Do not let anyone set off with your card unless you accompany them.
  • Use the ATMs in shopping malls only under the surveillance of security guards.
  • Depending on the nature of your visit, if you face extra risk from threats such as burglary, attacks and/or kidnaps, hire a specialized protection agency (e.g. a bodyguard, close protection officer or security driver).

What to Look for in an Executive Protection Service Provider in Cape Town

If you belong to a target group that runs extra risks for assaults in Cape Town, then it is very wise to hire assistance. This can be in the form of consultancy such as pre-travel planning and/or close or covert protection by a bodyguard.

When hiring a security agency, pay close attention that they have international experience and specific training for their staff to work in South Africa.

Our security services for Cape Town may include:

Infinite Risks International assigns Dutch, UK, South African and US licensed bodyguards all over the world. We offer our security services to clients with a variety of backgrounds and risks, f.i. A-list celebrities, (U)HNWIs, Royalty, Media Teams, Ambassadors, etc. We proudly work with reliable and professional partners in our network.

Please contact us with your VIP protection requirement questions for Cape Town, South Africa. We gladly propose you tailor-made private security solutions and an appropriate offer.


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