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Do You Need Bodyguard Services in Brazil?

The country that is famous for its Carnival and many tourist destinations hosted the Olympics in 2016 and FIFA World Cup before that in 2014. Both in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has the largest economy of South America, including a flourishing trade with Europe, North America, Japan and Argentina. This proves that travelers with both business and leisure purposes try to find their way around every day. So, do you need close protection or bodyguard services in Brazil?

Traveling in Brazil is not as easy as this abundance of visitors may suggest. Aside from the public transportation systems such as trams, subways and buses, the primary traveling method is the road. Also, the language may cause problems. As a former Portuguese colony, the inhabitants speak Portuguese, which is quite challenging to learn for English speaking people.

Besides the difficulties of secure transportation and language, there are a few risks to consider when planning a visit to Brazil.

Is Brazil Safe or Not?

Brazilians have a versatile ethnic background. It consists of a mix of Europeans (predominantly Portuguese), Africans and natives. Their economic situation is, unfortunately, similarly diverse. The gap between rich and poor regularly leads to social conflicts, resulting in threats towards citizens as well as foreigners.

Violence and crimes

The levels of crimes vary per region. Especially in big cities, crimes can be violent, including organized group attacks and the use of arms. During Carnival, when crowds gather in the streets, it is ever more important to be watchful at all times. Other crowd occasions to avoid are demonstrations and riots. Often, facilities in the public domain, let alone innocent bystanders, are the subject of riot violence.

The favelas (ghettos) outside the cities are notorious for gangs, drug-related crimes and armed robberies. It is advised not to travel to these informal housing developments at any time.

At the moment of writing this article, it is also advised against traveling to or near the border with Venezuela. The unstable political situation evokes unrest and tension on both sides of the border.

The Brazilian government installed police patrols, especially in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Besides assuming the skills of a seasoned traveller, make sure you keep updated on local news and follow the instructions by your government’s travel advice and local authorities.

Female travel

As a female alone, traveling through Brazil is a matter of being cautious and alert. Just as any other tourist or business traveler. Familiarize yourself with which urban areas are safe and unsafe and refrain from wandering the streets alone at night.


Brazil has a diverse health care system that corresponds with the economic situation of its inhabitants. Excellent health care is available for insured wealthy people. Poor or uninsured people have access to public or partially-private health care only. If you require health care, make sure you visit a private facility and that your insurance covers the medical expenses.

Prepare for or ensure you are protected from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can transfer the Zika virus as well as chikungunya, yellow fever and dengue. These viruses can cause serious illnesses. If you are pregnant, authorities advice against traveling to Brazil altogether. Especially the Zika virus can cause permanent damage to unborn babies.

Do You Need Private Security in Brazil?

Safety and protection are not just about hiring a bodyguard or security driver. Safety is especially about knowing where you are going and understand the potential threats. For Brazil, make sure you do business with a private security company that asks you many questions to gain an insight into your plans. One that works intelligence-driven, provides multi-lingual protection officers and offers you situation-related advice to keep you safe. 

The protection industry is an industry offering services in various degrees. Including many with unqualified personal security officers. Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish a professional organization among the companies available. Make sure you check the credentials of the company providing security solutions. Read the article ‘How to hire a bodyguard’ to check whether the potential company is bonafide. 

We Can Help You With Bodyguard Services in Brazil

Infinite Risks protects high-profile and (ultra) high net worth families around the world, the Dutch way: intelligence-led operations, tailored protective solutions executed by licensed and highly-trained executive protection officers who are discreet, professional, cooperative, multi-lingual and flexible.

If you require more information about our VIP security services and bodyguard services in Brazil, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We gladly help you out with our travel risk management services, executive protection services, residential security teams, bodyguard servicessecure ground transportation servicesrisk advisory or local police escorts.


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