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Bodyguard Services in Beijing

The demand for bodyguard services in Beijing is high. Since the Chinese economy has been booming, people have started earning more money. So much money, in fact, that people have become wealthy. Beijing is the city with the largest number of billionaires. According to BBC News, every 17 hours, another Beijing citizen becomes a billionaire.

Booming Chinese Economy Boosts International Relations, but Also Threats

The number of millionaires and billionaires in China has never been so high before. Industries such as e-commerce, packaging, technology, production, and food bring out the most clever entrepreneurs. All these businesses also imply diplomacy, promotion, and collaboration with international relations. Alternatively, the Chinese with a dollar to spend have found their way around the world to spend their holiday with family and friends.

Wealth comes with a price, which can vary from positive effects such as fame to adverse impacts such as threats like theft, burglary, being kidnapped, blackmailed, or assaulted. There have been several reports of attacks, kidnaps, and assaults on (ultra) high-net-worth individuals in China.

Safety in Beijing Thanks to Specialized Bodyguards

The growth of UHNWIs in Beijing increases the demand for covert personal protection and bodyguards. Yet, the profession of a bodyguard is relatively new to the country. In the beginning, there was no official description of the profession, nor were there any regulations. However, since 2010, the Beijing security law and national laws have incorporated the profession in its legislation, allowing firms to establish a protection agency and train their staff accordingly. The number of agencies increases every year, but often an international operating agency is consulted.

Female bodyguards are very popular with female Chinese clients as they feel much more comfortable with a woman as their protector than a man. Until now, female bodyguards are very scarce.

Another discernible trend is specialized services. These services include a specialized security driverresidential securityfamily protection and asset protection. We discern the security of assets such as superyachts, pieces of art, cars, horses, and jewelry.

Bodyguard Services for Travelers, Expats and Uhnwi in Beijing

Are you planning to visit Beijing as a business traveler, tourist, or performing artist? Or will you work there for a number of years as an ex-patriate or diplomat? We can help you prepare your trips or stay. Our security analysis of your situation includes an extensive report describing the risks, threats and vulnerabilities and the measures that will keep you and your traveling party safe. Alternatively, our travel bodyguards with lenient visa credentials can accompany you on your trips. This way, we watch out for your safety, and you can focus on your business or leisure goals.

Bodyguards for Beijing Citizens

Are you a Beijing citizen planning a trip abroad? Or would you like an international operating protection company to assess whether you run any risks? Or would you like us to assess your personal situation in your hometown? We offer remote protection and gladly fly in to assist you personally.

More Information About Bodyguard Services in Beijing

Infinite Risks is a Dutch-based protection agency with several decades of international experience. Our male and female employees are predominantly Dutch, British and US trained agents from specialized military, police and intelligence units. Every experienced agent speaks at least two languages and is uniquely skilled in, e.g., risk management, advanced drivingclose protectioncovert surveillance, medical first aid and adventure sports.

We serve international clients traveling to Beijing or elsewhere in China and Chinese citizens in their home country or abroad. Feel free to contact us for more information about bodyguard services in Beijing. We gladly share examples of our experience with you and send you a non-committal offer. We look forward to helping you out.


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