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Is Aruba Safe to Visit? Do You Need Bodyguard Services in Aruba?

Is Aruba safe enough to travel to? Many people who plan to visit one of the former Dutch islands in the Caribbean ask themselves this question. Aruba, for instance, has been a favorite destination for tourists from North America and Europe for years. However, with the turmoil in South America and especially the unstable situation in Venezuela, people wonder about their safety on Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao. So, do you need close protection or bodyguard services in Aruba?

How Safe Is Aruba With the Proximity of Venezuela?

Due to the unstable economic and political situation in Venezuela, the proximity of the islands attracts desperate people who attempt to cross the waters by boat and seek refuge. The local authorities are observant and competent as far as security for citizens and tourists is concerned. Asylum policy is the responsibility of local governments. Yet, the close ties between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and their former colonies remain. For that reason, the Dutch coast guard, law enforcement and defense units support the local authorities. Safety on the islands has a high standard.

In seeking travel advice for Aruba or one of the other islands, you will notice that governmental websites (e.g. the US government) apply a level 1 travel advisory. This means you require no special precautions and staying on the island is considered safe.

Please note that all air travel between Venezuela and Aruba has been closed. If you plan to fly in through South America, make sure you consult a reliable tour operator for safe and secure travels.

Does Aruba Suffer From Hurricanes?

Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1st until December 1st. Thanks to the relative southern position, most hurricanes pass North of the Aruban island. During that time, the islands may suffer from buffeting storms and heavy rains. These weather conditions can cause extreme high waves, power outages and floods. The island has two hurricane alarm systems divided in phase 1 for Hurricane Watch and phase 2 for Hurricane Warning. Follow the instructions of the authorities at all times and keep yourself well-informed. Infinite Risks International is able to provide hurricane response & evacuation management services if necessary.

What About the Crime Rate on Aruba?

As a tourist, the risk you may run is being pick-pocketed or petty theft. There are cases of robberies where victims are held at gun- or knifepoint. The risk is no higher than any other tourist area, city or country. Make sure you pay attention at all times in crowds and keep an eye on your valuables, especially during nighttime at the clubs and bars in Oranjestad.

The coast guard, local police and other authorities are very active in combatting drug-related crimes and drug trafficking. As long as you have no part in these crimes, your risk of suffering from violent crimes is very low.

San Nicolas is commonly known for its drugs activities and in this neighborhood prostitution is legal. However, during the day time, the area is safe. Don’t let it keep you from visiting to admire the fantastic street art.

How Can Bodyguard Services in Aruba Provide You Safety and Comfort?

Would you appreciate assistance to plan the safest possible trip before you go? Give us a call and ask how we can help you with travel preparations, villa security officers or bodyguard services in Aruba. This may include providing you with the best tips to keep you safe during your travels to Aruba as well as when you enjoy your vacation on the island.

A (covert) bodyguard can protect you and your family members. We do not only watch out for your safety at all times, but we can arrange safe and luxury transportation, make VIP table reservations at popular clubs and beach clubs, and book tickets for excursions. Please feel free to contact us and find out about executive protection services and VIP security services. We make sure you can relax during a holiday on Aruba while we keep you safe and comfortable.


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