In our experience, crew who has completed our anti piracy training are better prepared and feel more self-confident in fulfilling their jobs. Moreover, trained and security aware marine/offshore crew know how to handle a crisis, and they show greater resilience after an attack.

Every transit area, ship, crew (of various nationalities) and cargo (and the multiple combinations) demand a separate approach. Subsequently, this requires customized anti piracy training.


Counter piracy training has been developed to make captains and crew aware of the risks of (armed) robbery and piracy. Being well-aware and well-trained means that the crew, together with maritime security team (if applicable), can assess the potential risks and anticipate accordingly.

The basic training for anti piracy and crew preparedness includes:

  • Effective crew preparation before transiting the high-risk area
  • Understanding the information and intelligence received of the high-risk area
  • Applying effective ‘hardening’ to the ship according to BMP5 standards
  • Installing a safe room and its furnishing and equipment
  • Training observation skills during the watch
  • Training to discern fishermen from criminals/pirates (suspicious behaviour)
  • Division of the crew roles (including maritime security team, if applicable) during an attack
  • Bridge anti piracy drill 
  • Muster station and safe room anti piracy drill
  • Effective communication with authorities and the shipping company’s HQ under extremely stressful situations
  • Training how to conduct yourself during a hostage, release or hostage rescue operation

During the basic crew preparedness training, instructors will provide advice on the existing ship hardening measures, safe room and muster station. Instructors will share their personal experiences and best practices, and there is plenty of time for participants to ask questions.

Often, insurance companies demand a route BMP5 risk assessment before the ship transits a high-risk area. Therefore, in addition to the anti piracy training, our staff can conduct an extensive risk assessment of your ship and the route.


At Infinite Risks International, we work with former Royal Netherlands Marine Corps instructors only who have been trained in maritime security themselves and who are experienced in working in the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Guinea, Malacca Straights, Sulu sea, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. 

Our anti piracy instructors have trained captains and crew of internationally operating companies, preparing them for transits through high-risk area on bulk carriers, tankers, tugs, seismic vessels and multi-purpose vessels. Also, we have experience in working with and preparing crews on superyachts.

For maritime security response purposes, our head office is in contact with several crews regularly to brief them on the latest information about their positions and risks. We keep ourselves updated daily by several companies, institutes and governments regarding maritime intelligence. Therefore, we always have the latest updates on piracy incidents and know about the current tactics, techniques and procedures of the pirates.


The anti piracy training can be booked for any location in the world and takes your crew about half a day to a full day, based on your requirements. Our training staff provides instructions in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and/or Dutch and is always customized to your needs.

After the training, your captain, crew and CSO:

  • Have been instructed by experienced instructors based on your wishes and (company) crisis management plan
  • Know what is current and relevant to their position and their journey
  • Have been given realistic scenarios to practice with
  • Have had the opportunity to ask questions about subjects that they find worrisome
  • Know how they can anticipate and prepare for the journey
  • Know what to do in case of piracy or a criminal attack, resulting in less stress during an incident
  • Can start a journey through a high-risk area feeling confident and well-prepared

If you would like to have more information about our anti piracy training or if you would like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us today.




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