If you want to travel to Suriname and want to understand the current safety situation, we invite you to read this article. It will not only inform you about what areas are safe to travel but also how you can secure your safety yourself or ask the help of a professional protection agency.


Suriname was a Dutch colony for nearly three centuries until it became a republic in 1954. The connection between both countries remains very strong. One of the spoken languages is still Dutch, and the mutual understanding of each others culture brings many Dutch to the South American country and many Surinam people to the Netherlands. One of the reasons for that is the mutual trade, which mainly consists of export of fish and produce from Suriname and export of dairy, metals and machinery from the Netherlands. However, travel to visit family and tourism is another factor for close connections. While Suriname has about 600,000 inhabitants, almost 350,000 people with a Surinam background live in The Netherlands.

It will be no surprise that the link between our organization and Suriname is firm. We know the culture and the customs very well, rendering optimal measures for security in Suriname. You can benefit from our close connections and vast experience. Depending on your goals for visiting Suriname, we advise you to take the following risks into account.

Leisure travel

Clients often ask us: is Suriname safe? Although there are no distinct dangerous areas in Suriname to avoid, violent crime does exist and not only in the capital Paramaribo. For leisure travel, the standard precautions apply, such as:

  • Do not go out on the streets at night alone except for designated tourist areas.
  • Avoid remote areas and slums.
  • Do not show or flash valuable jewelry, camera’s, money and credit cards.
  • Store your passport and valuables safely.
  • Always book your excursion with renown and trustworthy tourist operators.

If you become a victim of a robbery, hand over your valuables to keep yourself safe. If you resist the attackers, you may become the victim of violent assaults as well.

Business travel

If doing business in Suriname is unfamiliar to you, we advise you to prepare well and call in the help of a professional. Always make sure you book regional flights, road and sea travel with reputable companies. Currently, safety concerns have been raised about a few airlines, who are under inspection for the continuation of their operation. The roads throughout Surname do not meet the Western standards, due to poor maintenance and lighting provisions and the driving attitude of road-users.

Suriname is known for one of the countries to transit drugs and weapons. Criminal gangs may try to get acquainted with you and involve them in their ‘business’. Be aware of anyone who seems too keen on gaining your trust and exploiting your presence and business opportunities.

For any form of travel, you will need a visa to enter Suriname.


For your first visit, your business opportunities with high stakes and your secure media coverage, we can advise you what safety precautions to take or accompany you to Suriname. Our services include:


Our Dutch roots and no-nonsense, down-to-earth mentality is understood and respected in Suriname. The value that distinguishes Infinite Risks International from our competitors works in Suriname like no other. It opens doors en provides opportunities. We would like to share this with you. If you plan to visit the country and would like us to give you some advice, help you plan your trip or accompany you for business meetings, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to explaining what we can do for you.




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