Media backwatch service actually really means that we watch your backs. In the broadest sense of the word. Discover how we approach our service, enabling journalists, photographers, reporters, TV-producers, camera and sound specialists, technicians, etc. to do their jobs in covering the news from any place in the world.


Team guidance

We literally watch your backs on the street. Some media teams only consist of a camera operator and a reporter who interviews people by handling the sound (microphone) himself or herself. Sometimes, freelance journalists often operate on their own entirely.

When interviewees are on the move (f.i. on the street or in government buildings), and the crew needs to walk backward to interview them, many hazards can cause accidents; street lamps, trash cans, traffic, cables, other people, etc. To avoid colliding in any obstacles, our staff member can grab the camera person’s back and guide him or her along the path.

This works especially efficiently with a media protection officer in crowds and hostile or dangerous environments. Our media protection officers scan the enviroment constantly and will keep you out of trouble by avoiding or deescalating possible threats.

Media bodyguard

For ongoing investigations for a documentary or news item with a higher risk profile, a media team needs to take into account the threat of an attack or violence by the person of interest during a confrontation. Especially when this person would rather keep a low profile. Think of charged criminals, politicians under siege, controversial persons and celebrities. These persons could pose a threat themselves, but also their entourage or fans could pose a threat when the media team’s interest is not welcome.

For media coverage of war conflicts, countries with limited access (e.g., due to dictatorship), and natural disasters, for example, having someone in your team who is experienced operating under the harshest circumstances will get results. The team can rely on the skills and experience of the media protection officer as he or she will assess the risks continuously and discuss the options and required measures with the team.

Training, crisis management and emergency response

Preparing your team well with risk-awareness for the job at hand is key in any situation. For some regions, it is wise to train your team specifically. Aside from personal protection, security training is an excellent way to prepare for scheduled work and to minimize risks. Alternatively, crisis management and emergency response services will reduce stress and frustration in case things go wrong.


The same applies to risk assessments. Whether your team has a preconceived plan or instant broadcasting is necessary, we can assess the risks for your media team quickly. This will enable you to understand the risks involved and know what measures you need or what you can do in case of an emergency. In the end, you will feel secure enough to do the job to the fullest.


We understand what a media team does and how they operate. When time is of the essence, we can deploy our services within a few hours globally. After a (quick) briefing, we can discuss your wishes and assess the situation instantly. We are aware that media teams take higher risks to do their jobs than other clients we serve.

Consider us a part of your team. With our experience, we can analyze your situation quickly and adapt to alternative plans instantly, always in consultation with you. We arrange safe transportation, accommodation, and local services if needed. We work closely with partners all over the world. In the case of an emergency, we can call on our contacts to assist us or your media team directly.

Our skilled staff consists of former special operations forces and intelligence personnel. They work according to the latest techniques, updated intelligence and have served clients globally.


For more information, we kindly refer to our designated page for media security. Safety is often a last resort when it comes to funds or budget for media teams. Yet, in a world with a growing population, unrest, and a growing gap between rich and poor, disturbances and violence rise. Media teams need to feel safe in their work to cover these developments around the world.

Talk to us and find out how Infinite Risks International can be of assistance. Please contact us for more information.




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