As the CEO of an internationally operating company, artist or diplomat, who would you hire to protect you, your family or your assets? An agency that understands your needs and provides tailored global security solutions. Sure. A global security company with a proven track record. Of course! A close protection officer who you can trust. Understandably.

Yet, how can you be sure that the company you are considering ticks all these boxes? Discover the advantages of international security companies and how you can find out upfront if your chosen company is reliable and professional.


You can discern a global security company that works for a variety of client by the following characteristics:

  • Multiple disciplines for a one-stop-shop service. Besides offering worldwide personal protection, combining various services and giving advice leads to a tailored approach. This also includes providing advice from a distance about, e.g., personal safety, travel security and cybersecurity.
  • International companies have experience working with various clients, each requiring specific needs and desires. That means a company who works for people with various backgrounds can offer more versatile solutions. A performing artist on a World Tour requires a different form of protection than a diplomat and his family who represents his or her country in the Middle East or Asia. A similar contrast applies to a UHNWI compared to a media team covering a natural disaster.
  • The bodyguards or close protection officers assigned by Infinite Risks International are trained in European or North American elite units of police and/or the military. Because of that, they have not only been trained in modern tactics and procedures but also their international missions involved using intelligence. Our highly trained and licensed officers are all multilingual. They possess internationally accepted and respected passports, enabling them to travel with ease and obtain visa quickly.
  • Using their savvy skills and experience, close protection officers who are assigned by a global organization can also move flexibly with your changing schedule and deadlines. If plans change, they can help you change accommodations, reservations and secure transportation if needed.
  • Another advantage is that being seasoned travelers, they know how to deal with differences in culture and habits. They can assess a situation abroad very quickly and alter plans for safety or comfort reasons. Moreover, intelligence and research allow them to be in contact with local professional agencies in case backup is required.
  • Being trained in advanced first aid and knowing how to contact emergency services, they can assume the role of intermediary for you with medical staff in the case of an emergency.

Most importantly, a professional global elite security agency understands what is required to assist you in reaching your goals. New clients will be asked to explain their situation in detail to fully assess your situation. Expect to answer quite a few questions. This is necessary to guarantee you the best possible service and, subsequently, the best possible safety.


First, browse the website of the organization of your choice. Does it describe their services in detail? Do they share their knowledge with you (via a blog/vlog or shared news items)? What do they post on their social media accounts? Is it relevant and newsworthy?

Contact the agency and ask them to share some example cases, clients and situations with you. Due to privacy regulations, you will not be able to find this information on their website or social media posts. If you can find privacy-sensitive details on their clients online, don’t contact them! Boastfulness indicates a lack of integrity.

In this article, we offer a 5-step guide to find the best agency for you.


As an internationally operating protection agency, Infinite Risks International knows that our clients value our personal approach. If you have any questions about protection abroad, please contact us at your earliest convenience.




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