Feeling unsure about how to hire a bodyguard? Use this 5-step guide. Not only will it give you an idea of the options and sort out your requirements, but it also enables a professional protection company to offer a quick response. Both in a matching solution as well as in a tailored quotation. If necessary, you can mobilize a customized protection plan in a matter of hours.

There is even a more significant advantage. Taking the steps in this guide enables you to evaluate the protection agency better you plan to contact.


For the best result, take the steps of this guide in the correct order. If you have experience in hiring private security, you can skip step 1. If you have hired bodyguards before and you know the protection agency, you may only need to use step 2.

  1. Decide on the purpose: hire a bodyguard, security driver or security guard?

Don’t confuse a bodyguard with a security guard or a security driver. They all can be employed to safeguard you and your belongings but there is a big difference in roles and responsibilities. A security guard generally works statically in and around buildings. For instance, in shopping centers and venues for events such as concerts and sports games. A security driver protects the client while mobile and to a very high standard. The security driver is able to spot, escape and evade possible threats if necessary but ideally never leaves the vehicle to protect the client. However, a bodyguard operates at the top of the security field. He or she is extensively trained to protect you, your family and assets under the harshest conditions, against serious threats and wherever you go.

  1. Be clear about what you want

If you prepare yourself before inquiring for a quotation, a professional agency can assess your situation better and quicker. This leads to a prompt reply in options and a personal offer. Describe your situation in detail as clearly as possible.

Answer questions such as:

  • Who and/or what requires protection?
  • Where do you need protection?
  • How long and how many hours per day do you need protection?
  • Do you need to travel?
  • Do you have any plans for certain activities (skiing, water sports, etc.)
  • What poses or could pose a threat to you, your family, staff or assets?
  • Besides a bodyguard or protection officer, is any equipment required (secure transportation, GPS-trackers, etc.)?
  • How many bodyguards do you think are required?
  • What type of bodyguards do you need and what is their preferred dresscode? (female, covert officers, multi-lingual, tall etc.)
  • Are you experienced with hiring bodyguards, security drivers, residential protection, superyacht security or any other form of personal protection?
  • What current protective measures have been established?
  • Is specialized medical training skills required (if you plan to travel to remote areas or if you have health issues)?
  • What do you feel is a vital focus point?
  • Are there any further particulars related to your safety that requires mentioning?

Rest assured, you are not required to answer each and every question in detail. Use the list as an indication and the starting point of your conversation. Your answers will enable the protection agencies to conduct a detailed assessment.

  1. Search for a professional agency

Professional agencies employ professional bodyguards only. This may seem obvious, but agencies with a track record assign individuals who are highly trained and licensed only. Their bodyguards speak at least two languages and have international experience within specialized military, intelligence and/or police units.

Professional agencies present an elaborate website, stating their services and contact information. They do not only offer protective services, but they also share their knowledge with you. Look for details about consultation or risk advisory on their website and check their presence on social media. What information do they share? Are their sources reliable and informative?

If you want to know more about the expenses in hiring a bodyguard, please read the article ‘How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard’.

  1. Ask relevant questions

Contact the agency of your choice and discuss your situation as detailed as possible. If you are not yet certain about the professional ability of the agency, you can ask some questions yourself.  They should be instantly able to answer:

  • What is your experience?
  • Where/in which countries does your company operate?
  • How do you deal with confidentiality/integrity?
  • What licences, skills and experiences do your bodyguards have?
  • Have your bodyguards been screened?
  • Can you show your security license?
  • How is your company insured?
  • What is the daily rate or fixed fee for my request?
  • How does your customer service work? Do I sign a contract?
  • Can I receive information (biography) about suitable bodyguards?
  • Can you provide references/reviews?

Based on the answers you provided and the information you received, summarize your request once more to ensure the agency understands your requirement. If you have a good feeling about it, ask for a quotation.

  1. Review the offer and manage the process

The agency will make an accurate assessment and scale your requirements with regards to the threat level. You will receive a plan of action, including information about bodyguards and a quotation. You can check the credentials and skills and indicate your preference.

If you feel good about the offer, you can give the green light. The protection agency will constantly interact with you about the progression, the service and the staff members.


We hope this guide helps to take away any reservations for you to contact a protection agency when you require personal protection in the form of a bodyguard. If you feel unsafe in your current environment, have been threatened or plan to travel to a country that may not be safe, consult a professional security company.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about how to hire a bodyguard or any form of international security services. It is our mission to keep you happy, safe and comfortable at all times.




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