The motive for an A-list celebrity or VIP to hire a bodyguard or protection team can be a multitude of reasons. The most important reason is that they want to feel safe while working, traveling and spending time privately. They want to have peace of mind.
Imagine a fan who wants to get close to his idol. Just to ask for an autograph and a selfie. Or a voter who wants to offer support and shake the hand of a prospective leader. These are innocent motives that pose no instant threat when it concerns only a few people. In these cases, an incident is most likely to happen in uncontrollable crowds.

For other high profile VIPs, more serious threats such as kidnapping or assassinations can be the reason bodyguards keep them protected. These threats require a distinct approach as they often have nothing to do with crowd management.
The main reasons why VIPs or celebrities hire a bodyguard is:

  • Personal protection (covert or overt)
  • Protection of staff, family, etc.
  • Celebrity image and reputation protection (for example dealing with paparazzi)
  • Crowd management


Needless to say, every person is one of a kind. Yes, even celebrities and VIPs are unique. No two rock bands are the same. Protecting a world-famous singer demands a different approach than a famous politician. We know that a country’s president requires different security measures than a multinational’s president.

Even though a celebrity or VIP may appear in public as a single person, they are probably not the only ones in need of protection. Most famous musicians, political leaders or athletes cannot do their jobs without their entourage consisting of personal assistants, managers, advisors, directors, and other staff members. Also, they interact with their families and friends who may, in some cases, need protection as well.

Along with the uniqueness of a celebrity, everyone has a different role in life, a different purpose and goal. With that comes a distinct audience, target group or group of fans. It is precisely the combination of the celebrities’ goal and their audience that defines the challenge. You can imagine a politician explaining his controversy ideal requires on a podium a different way of protection than a boy band in an arena full of screaming teenage girls.


Celebrity or VIP security services are offered mostly to:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Models
  • Entertainers
  • Actors
  • Athletes
  • Fashion designers
  • Politicians
  • News correspondents / anchors


The first (yet most important) task a VIP protection agency needs to do is obtaining thorough information on the wishes and requirements of the celebrity from the Personal Assistant or Management. Only if the information is extensive and up-to-date, the approach for protection can be optimal. A professional agency is experienced and knows exactly what information is required to devise a plan and take action quickly.

Among others, further tasks include selecting a team of executive protection officers, meeting with all persons involved, visiting the residence, hotel and venues, arranging means (e.g. cars, technical equipment, firearms, etc.), planning escape routes and arranging medical support in the case of an emergency. In all that, advance planning is of the essence.

Today, digital security is a standard aspect to take into account. Keeping track of the celebrity’s online image and the replies or reactions provides an overview of the audience. It’s a part of behavioral intelligence, which applies to both online and offline. In crowds, security officers pay attention to body language and facial expressions that stand out in the crowd. If someone doesn’t fit in the normal setting, this person may pose a threat and will be investigated further.

During the preparation and operational hours of protection, it is a matter of searching for the optimal approach and finding a balance in what is required. Both for situations of ease and panic or incidents. The best celebrity protection is being prepared for everything!


A professional celebrity security agency only works with licensed bodyguards. Officers who have been  trained in the intelligence services, law enforcement or military. Men and women who can handle any situation, both armed and unarmed.

Discretion is of the greatest importance. It is the reason celebrities can live any resemblance to a private life and reach their goals. Not only when things work out the way they were planned, but also in critical, difficult or ad hoc situations.

Would you like to know more about our VIP protection services or are you in need of celebrity bodyguard? Contact us today. As we know, your goal is unique. We work in small private security teams when possible and big teams when necessary. Our officers have a specific job description executing various tasks.




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