How to keep safe while doing business and move from place to place with ease in South Africa? Executive protection and VIP protection in South Africa does that for you. The problem with visiting, traveling and working in this nation is that it requires you to know your way around and adapt to the customs.

Are you planning a short visit? To keep you and your team safe, make sure to take preparatory measures and, if necessary, hire a bodyguard or close protection officer to guide you. Are you planning to work for an extended period of time or live in South Africa as an expat? You, your staff and your family want to prepare well and assess the threat level of the region.

For all these services, a protection agency that bases their approach on two essential pillars is key. First, ask your agency for their knowledge about the present national, regional and local situation. Second, ensure that the security company employs staff with global experience who are trained and educated by elite police and military forces. Why is this so important? Find out below how these specific professionals can keep you safe.


Historically, South Africa had a phenomenon called ‘apartheid’. Between 1945 and 1990, it was the official system of segregation based on race. Although apartheid has been abolished, the country is still transitioning, and the consequences are noticeable every day. The gap between rich and poor is huge, and the unemployment rate is high.

In rural areas and the cities, (f.i. Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban, Johannesburg and Soweto) the threat levels and threat nature differ. All in all, this means that every region in South Africa requires a (somewhat) different approach.

In areas where the more wealthy community lives (cities and large farms), burglaries, attacks and kidnap form a risk. In regions with ethnic differences where less wealthy people live (e.g. townships), gangs take power. Some regions suffer from violent demonstrations that have lead to casualties. Also, severe crimes with violence and weapons occur daily.

The threat level of an area depends on various factors. For instance, location and current events play an important role when evaluating the risks of conducting business or leisure trips. A professional protection agency will always assess the threat level daily and set up a security plan or revise the current plan according to the changing situation.


In the article ‘Bodyguard services in Cape Town, South Africa’, you can find various tips to keep you safe as a traveler. These apply to Cape Town, but also to other cities.

Alternatively, if you visit or stay includes business activities, you might require more elaborate preparatory advice and safety measures. As a CEO, business executive, VIP (artists and performers), media team or staff member of a medical group or NGO you can rely on a professional agency. A company who is experienced in providing travel advice, risk advisory, safety equipment and personal protection.


Protection services include safeguarding people, equipment, vehicles, and buildings. Security measures for South Africa may comprise:

  • Executive protection or bodyguards to guide you everywhere you go.
  • Office building or residential security to protect the buildings you and your staff occupy.
  • In South Africa, vehicles drive on the left side of the road. The general advice is to keep your windows closed and your doors locked at all times. A security driver knows how to get you from A to B safely.
  • Travel security for a specific city or area in South Africa
  • Specialized remote medical services and support.
  • Advice on or installation of technical security measures, including; tracking & tracing, bulletproof vests and vehicles.
  • Safety training specifically for South Africa (f.i.: awareness and travel security training, dealing with emergency situations, and advanced driving)

Infinite Risks International employs licensed and highly trained (male and/or female) bodyguards who are multi-lingual and operate all over the world.

Please contact us with your protection requirements or if you would like to know the costs for South African bodyguard & VIP protection services. We gladly propose you a tailor-made solution and an appropriate offer.




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