What we mean by luxury travel protection is the full-service approach, from making travel arrangements to accompanying you and your family during the entire trip. You choose the purpose and the destination and we arrange your flights, accommodation, reservations, and security. Just pack your bags and get ready for departure.

Traveling around the world is very different today. Preparing well for any trip is essential now. It includes obtaining accurate information about restrictions and measures, applying for visas or getting travel clearances, investigating which hotels, holiday homes, venues, and restaurants are safe (while offering the service level that you want), and what (safe) activities can be booked.


For clients who want to be unburdened in their travel preparations, whether it concerns business trips or holidays, Infinite Risks International can prepare and accompany you on your journey to any destination in the world. Examples are:

Your full-service luxury personal travel security will be arranged according to your requirements. No two trips are alike. One or more of the following services may be included:

  • Arranging travel documents, permits, visas, and medical travel clearances.
  • Secure transportation: security drivers, safe vehicles, booking airline and railroad tickets, or a private jet.
  • Superyacht security: preparing your journey, inspecting and training your staff, and on-board protection in any port (worldwide)
  • Risk assessment: investigating whether your destination, hotel, restaurant, etc. are safe.
  • Family protection: we consider the risks of every family member individually, as due to the goals at hand, they differ from person to person.
  • Booking hotels, restaurants, vacation homes, nature parks, attraction parks, museums, etc.
  • Personal protection for you, your family, and your assets.


Our staff are trained former military and/or police officers. They are highly experienced in serving UHNWI clients all over the world. This means they know how to find their way around in many cultures and landscapes, speak multiple languages, and are highly skilled when it comes to first aid, advanced driving, survival, and intelligence.

Infinite Risks strives to accommodate you in a way that we arrange every little detail, so you only have to sit back and relax.

It is difficult to describe every example of full-service protection we can provide, as everyone’s requirements are different. Please feel free to reach out to us and discover what we can do for you.




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