As one of the worldwide operating close protection companies, we detect a growing demand for hostile environment close protection. When discussing our work with competitors and colleagues, similar observations have been confirmed. There are various causes for an area to become a high-risk zone.

Before we explain our view on the service possibilities required for this type of problem, we would like to define what causes these high-risk zones and where they can be found.


A harmful or aggressive environment, caused by a high reoccurrence of crimes, civil unrest, natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.), and undeveloped infrastructure and amenities.

These circumstances are often the result of an unstable political situation, possibly combined with poverty. People can take the opportunity to stand up for their rights or vent their opinion (protests), join criminality, or abuse the situation by raiding and looting. Some areas are confronted with a one-off incident. Others have been impacted for decades. This contrast significantly influences the way how to behave in a certain hostile environment.


When it comes to security in hostile environments, we can offer you three protection forms: close protection, hostile environment training and emergency response. Usually abovementioned protection forms are combined by our clients.

Close protection

  • Risk management: To assess the high-risk area combined with your goals, well-executed risk, threat and vulnerability assessments will uncover precisely what is required. In analyzing the risks carefully, we can define the means, measures, and systems you need to keep safe abroad.
  • Personal protection: We can accompany you in your travels and offer personal protection in a covert or overt form (environment dependent). The difference is that we either visibly protect your person, or take on a role as one of your staff members. This way, you can work discretely, yet we can still react fast in the case of an emergency.
  • Additional services: Our services do not end by guarding your person. You can also think of arranging safe accommodation and transportation.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Preparing yourself and your team for traveling to/through and working in high-risk areas will increase your situtional awareness, enable you to assess a situation quickly, and provide you with skills to (re)act in case of an incident or emergency. The knowledge we provide and the experience you gain from hostile environment awareness training will boost your understanding and self-esteem.

We provide individual or group training, which includes:

  • Adequate team preparation through a briefing about the country and its culture
  • Understanding the information and intelligence received about the area
  • Discerning the appropriate measures to take and personal protection equipment to bring
  • Installing and using the equipment and tools
  • Learning observation skills (including recognizing weapons)
  • How to deal with aggression
  • Basic first aid
  • Division of the team roles (if applicable)
  • Survival skills (tailored to your situation)
  • Organizing and conducting a safety drill
  • Effective communication with authorities and head office under extremely stressful situations
  • Training how to conduct yourself during a hostage, release, or hostage rescue operation

During the training, instructors will mimic realistic situation exercises. Instructors will share their personal experiences and best practices, and there is plenty of time for participants to ask questions. We create a private environment so you feel safe enough to participate.

Emergency response

Instead of accompanying you personally, we can act as your remote contact and emergency response partner. We can contact you on a daily basis and provide intelligence information about the region you are in. We can advise you on what security measures to change, if necessary. Think of using a GPS-tracking device, changing your daily routine, or finding a suitable shelter.  If something does go wrong, we can set up an emergency evacuation immediately.


Clients who reach out to us for hostile environment close protection services include:

  • NGO-staff
  • Media teams
  • Business travelers
  • Technicians and engineers (e.g., in the oil and gas industry)
  • Female travelers


Over the past decade, we have built a vast global network of partners we can rely on. Our services are often tailored to your situation, as it is our experience that is the most beneficial and cost-effective way to keep you safe. All our field agents (HECPO) have strong qualifications and a specialist government background. They all have completed a trauma medical and hostile environment close protection course. 

If you would like to know more about global private security services, contact us today to discover how we approach your situation.




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