Unfortunately, piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa is peaking. Of vessel hijacks, criminal attacks and ships being held under fire, it is needless to say that kidnap is one of the most traumatic incidents a crew can experience. As a shipping company, there are several maritime protection measures you can take. In this article, about maritime security in West Africa, you can find an overview of the anti-piracy services a professional protection agency can offer.


The security measures, systems and services for security on sea can be divided into training (awareness), remote support and maritime security services. These services include protection for vessels, superyachts and offshore projects.


Training on how to prepare your captain and crew for a journey through a high-risk area, offers numerous advantages. Experience shows that people who are trained by expert maritime security instructors are aware of the risks and the dangers and, subsequently, know how to anticipate these situations. Training enables them to feel more secure in executing their job. Moreover, if something threatening does happen, trained crew recovers more quickly because they know how to keep themselves safe.

The training consists of various aspects, from acquiring relevant and accurate information and communication with authorities to performing anti piracy drills and preparing a safe room.

Infinite Risks International offers counter piracy training for crews all over the world. The course duration lasts from half a day up and until a full day, depending on your requirements. Your captain, crew and CSO may expect:

  • To be trained by experienced instructors
  • Hands-on training with a possibility for the crew to ask as many questions as they like
  • To cover realistic scenarios for the region to be transited
  • To obtain knowledge and practice to feel self-confident
  • To feel less stress and frustration in case of an incident

Discover how we work in this article or contact us for more information.


  • Route analysis and a BMP5 risk assessment is often a required necessity by insurance companies. Our licensed maritime protection officers are experienced with intelligence and protect maritime clients all over the world. We understand the current risks in various zones and know which authorities and organizations to contact for obtaining reliable, relevant and updated information. For each high-risk transit, we can provide you with an elaborate risk assessment.
  • If you would like our officers to track your crew on a 24/7 basis, we can implement GPS-tracking. This enables us to monitor your ship’s position at all time even if the AIS fails. We can contact the crew if the ship diverts from its original route unexpectedly and warn the authorities immediately if something goes wrong.
  • As a back-up team for updated information or to brief your crew when routes suddenly change, you can call on our crisis management and emergency response service. We can devise a security strategy when routes change or stay in contact with your crew in the case of an emergency.


  • In high-risk areas, you may require a bridge adviser to assist the captain and crew. If needed, this protection service can be combined with anti piracy training of your crew.
  • When risks become so high that armed protection is required, escort vessels with local armed forces may be the best solution. The presence of our officers is visual from afar, which offers a defensive function to criminals. In many regions, reliable agents in our network support our services, and we can count on local military teams to assist us. This service can be combined with anti piracy training and a bridge adviser, to coordinate the operation, as well.
  • If you require the protection of your seafaring assets, e.g., a superyacht, you can count on our service as well. We are experienced in keeping your assets safe in both ports and at sea.


We welcome you to visit our website for more information on Infinite Risks International. If you have any questions about our global operations or would like to know more about maritime protection, please contact us via e-mail or by phone: +31(0)203697499.




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