Hiring a bodyguard for your child. Overdone or necessary? Ask any ultra high-net-worth individual (UHNWI) this question, and the answer will probably be ‘necessary’.

Today, criminals go to great lengths to find a suitable (well-off) victim to obtain money or valuable assets. They target subjects who live in certain expensive neighborhoods or who have a high profile. There seems to be no consideration for the impact their crime has on children when present. Think of high-profile celebrities, athletes, business executives, etc. What is going on in the world? What personal security risks do children run? And, more importantly, what can you do to prevent them?


A delivery man rings the doorbell. As soon as the door opens, a second man appears, and, together, they enter the home forcibly. The men overpower a woman and four small children; the oldest is only eight years old. The children and the woman are tied up, and their mouths are taped. Hard-handedly, the criminals demand valuables and money, after which they leave with the loot.

This is not just a nightmare. It actually happened to a professional football player living in Amsterdam. During his Sunday match, the criminals seized their chance. Similar cases have been reported in Italy, France, and the United Kingdom, leaving families with damage, theft, and a severe traumatic experience.

Unfortunately, not only sportspeople run this risk, and not only your home is a risk factor. Criminals work out many ways to get their hands on quick money.


If you have a certain status, wealth, or fame, people follow you. Even if you are not in the public eye, criminals will find ways to research your fortune. Tracking a celebrity is relatively easy, as this person will be featured in the media. Yet, tracing people with valuable assets (cars, houses, yachts, private jets, etc.) not that difficult either.

Criminals will follow you home and start their intelligence collection. They will observe your home and try to discover your and your family’s life pattern. At what times do the kids go to school, who takes them, and where do you go for groceries? How many cars do you have and where do your work? What is the level of your security, how aware are you of your surroundings, and do you pick up on any changes?

If you are a soft target, criminals will start planning to enter your home or prepare an assault or kidnap. Any of these are traumatic for grown-ups, let alone for children. If the hour is dark enough, criminals will show no mercy even if children are involved.

What can you do to prevent these risks and get peace of mind?


There are several preventative and reactive options you can consider. The benefit of preventive action is that it will fend criminals off. When your security is visible to them, they will seek an easier opportunity elsewhere.

Hire a bodyguard for kids

A bodyguard for children means that someone has special skills to work in a family environment. Think of pedagogical, sports (skiing, horse riding, etc.), social, and advanced driving skills. Depending on the threat level, the executive protection officer will be close by or keep their distance to impact your personal life as little as possible.

We consider this part of family security management, and services could include:

Nanny bodyguard

An alternative option is to have a (female) bodyguard act as a “Nanny bodyguard” or we can train your current nanny how to be more security aware. Infinite Risks can arrange from security awareness training to full bodyguard training. Tailor-made programs often bring the best results.


Infinite Risks International is based in the Netherlands, but we operate worldwide. We have experience in serving high-net-worth families, Royalty, VIPs, diplomats, sportspeople and celebrities. We employ executive protection officers who have special social skills to work with and protect children. We step up and take control during imminent threats, but we lay low when the risks are low, respecting your privacy.

If you feel the need to talk to a professional agency about how to keep your children safe with personal bodyguard services, please contact us today.




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