Should you hire a bodyguard in Amsterdam? In other words, is Amsterdam safe? Is Amsterdam even safe at night? These are three questions that can only be answered subjectively.

The city is famous for the many coffee shops where soft drugs are sold and the red light district, where prostitution is legal. The police authorities fight a difficult war on hard drugs in Amsterdam, but so does the Rotterdam harbour police. The average Dutch, and there are millions of them, are not involved.

The Dutch capital ranks among the safest in the world. However, criteria such as digital security (safe cyber infrastructure) and health security (green areas and parks) are included in this index. In Holland, Amsterdam is considered the most dangerous city in the nation.

Generally, travellng to and moving around in Amsterdam for business or pleasure is safe. For both Dutch citizens and foreigners. Still, under certain circumstances, it is wise to hire professionals who know how to keep you safe. For instance, when you need to keep a low profile.


Your reasons for hiring a bodyguard, close protection officer or security driver depends on many factors. We understand that your purpose to stay in Amsterdam may not be merely in the capacity of a tourist. Your business and/or leisure goals may be diverse, change constantly or have not yet been definitely planned. An uncertain schedule can cause stress in a foreign city. Asking for advice from local professionals will reduce your worries.

Another reason could be that you prefer to avoid publicity or lie low for certain threats. Whether you are a famous person, an influential businessman, or a UHNWI, various forms of protection can make your stay unforgettable.

Close protection services

For the duration of an outing or the full length of your stay, a bodyguard can safely move you through crowds or arrange a private tour through one of the world-famous museums. Alternatively, if you do not want to attract too much attention to your presence, consider covert executive protection. This way, you and your family will have more freedom of movement. In case of an emergency, the covert protection officers step up and immediately start overt close protection. A security driver can transport you from A to B in the safest and most luxurious way possible.

Close protection services may include:

Pre-planning your trip

When personal security is not your primary concern, but you have reasons to take security measures for your stay in Amsterdam, again, a Dutch-based security service can help you prepare your trip. Always up-to-date on the current situation for every threat imaginable, a security agency offers consultation about the risks involved in your schedule and the safety measures you can take. During your visit, you can stay in close contact with the agency and, if necessary, scale up to close protection instantly.

Protective pre-planning services may include:

• Setting up a Travel Risk Management program
• 24/7 in-country Point Of Contact (POC)
• GPS tracking & emergency response
• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (sweeping service)
• Cyber & social-media security awareness
• Security training (amongst others: travel security training, emergency drills, situational awareness and driver training)
Travel security & journey management
• PA service
• Concierge services & lifestyle management in Amsterdam


As a business hub, Amsterdam is centrally located with excellent transportation via direct flights from Schiphol Airport to major cities on every continent. Using the expertise of a Dutch-based personal protection service for your business meetings and separate family protection means your security officers will know all the ins and outs of the city.

Infinite Risks International is based in Amsterdam. Like no other, we can advise you when personal security is absolutely necessary and when you can comfortably spend time in our capital privately. Employing only licensed, ex-police and elite military staff, we have a wide variety of services we can offer tailored to your needs. From providing advice and assessing your situation to a full upscale of close protection and bodyguard services. Please contact us if you would like to know what we can do for you.





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