Protectors have offered executive protection in Europe for centuries. It started with the personal security of kings, nobility, and leaders, primarily to safeguard them during their travels. Today, the world has become more complicated. Threats and risks are no longer the ‘prerogative’ for royalty and presidents.

Today, several issues affect high-profile individuals throughout Europe, including C-Suite level executives, politicians, artists, and UHNWIs. The demand for personal protection has increased significantly as a result.

Concerns have arisen about the international relationships between strong economies in various continents. An example is the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, also referred to as Brexit. Decisions world leaders take influence the decisions of other nations regarding trade, taxes, the opportunities for people to pull up stakes and settle in another country, and even taking on refugees.

Political fragmentation has led to groups of people feeling insecure about their future with growing polarization as a result. Also, the threat of attacks by terrorist organizations or extremist individuals is very much present today. 

The growing problems Europe has to face may very well affect your daily life as well. Are you comfortable traveling alone? Can you move around freely? Does one or more issues pose a threat to the operations of your company? Do you feel the need for professional protection for you, your family, and your assets?


At Infinite Risks International, we understand the risks and threats of today for individuals and companies in Europe. We are experienced in helping our clients with a high-profile staying safe under all circumstances.

Our team is licensed, multi-lingual, and highly skilled. With the Dutch nationality, our agents can move across Europe without difficulty, a region they know like the back of their hand.

As every situation is unique, we offer a customized approach that brings you the safety you need. Services may include:

If you are not sure about the severity of a potential risk you run, please feel free to contact us for a risk assessment. During a conversation, we will ask you relevant questions uncovering the potential risks to the fullest. After further investigation, we offer you adequate advice and, if necessary, propose the required actions to lower the risk or protect you accordingly.


Understanding the influence of various countries in Europe and the even larger amount of different cultures within Europe are of significance to keep you safe. We have found our way in serving clients under the changed European circumstances. We can surely help you with any security issues you may have. We welcome you to contact us for a comprehensive assessment.




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