The thought has crossed your mind a few times recently; ‘Do I need a bodyguard?’ It seems like a big step. A serious measure to safeguard the lives of you and your family, and is it not overdoing it a bit? Thinking about the impact a personal bodyguard has on your life worries you.

On the other hand, your public life has been taking its toll the last few months.; fans standing outside your door, that odd conversation lately where you felt somewhat threatened, or that e-mail that you cannot get out of your head.

YouTubers and influencers, singers and actors, politicians and diplomats, business people and royalty, journalists and media teams, sports teams and athletes are all examples of people who have asked themselves this question at a certain point. Whether they are upcoming, regained fame, or are very well-known for their line of work, their lives can change in a matter of days. Some involve severe impacts, such as violation of privacy, an overload of attention, risks for burglary and theft, blackmail, and even threats for an assault or death.

The thing is, a bodyguard is not just an armed person who stands in front of your house or by your side whenever you go out. Dictionaries still make you think they do, presenting synonyms such as: guard, protector, guardian, defender, keeper, escort, companion, and chaperone. This is just one small aspect of bodyguard services and, depending on your situation, this aspect may not even be included in keeping you safe. Here is how it works.


First of all, it is essential to find a protection company that has experience. Look out for a company that employs only top tier security agents and works with a network of service providers (preferably internationally). This implies that management understands the issues going on in the world and has connections to customize your protection plan globally.

Second, understand that bodyguard services can only be executed properly and safely when a risk assessment and analysis is part of the service. A professional potection agency can only set up proper measures when they understand the risks you run or may run.

Third, know that risks come in a variety of threat levels, from low, being the mildest, and very high, requiring extreme measures. For example, risks implying a low threat level may only require you or your staff to follow safety training and adjust your daily routine. A very high threat level may imply that you and your family take refuge in a safe house temporarily.


If you want to answer your question ‘Do I need a bodyguard?’ before you contact a professional security company, try to break down this big question into subquestions:

  • What or who makes me feel unsafe?
  • Where do I need protection (at home, at work, during my travels)?
  • How long do I think I need protection (a few hours per day at work, several weeks, during my travels, etc.)?
  • What activities or travel make me feel unsafe?
  • What measures have I taken, and what have the effects been?
  • Is specialized medical training required for my safety?

Your answers to these subquestions will not only provide you with an insight into your situation, but will also offer a perfect talking piece for a conversation with a professional security company.


The first step of bodyguard service is a risk assessment. Depending on your situation, the follow-up measures may include:

  • Personal protection for you, your family, your employees, etc.
  • Covert executive protection focuses on low profile measures. Bodyguards can assume a role as one of your employees, rendering an invisible safety net to the public.
  • Secure transportation in your hometown or elsewhere entails secured vehicles and skilled security trained drivers.
  • Travel security takes transportation a step further. This includes making travel plans, accompanying you during international / intercontinental flights, arranging transportation and safe accommodations. 
  • Residential security provides protection for your home. 
  • Family security is a full package of services to protect your entire family. It is designed to upscale and downscale in a matter of hours.

If the risk assessment reveals that you require more business-related services, we can also help you with intelligence-based services, such as special event security, background checks for staff, or penetration testing.


Infinite Risks is based in the Netherlands, but we operate worldwide. We have experience in serving high-net-worth families of VIPs, ex-patriates, diplomats, athletes and celebrities. Our service always includes a risk assessment and analysis, upon which we base our advice and services. As there is no situation similar to yours, our plan is always customized. That is the only way to safeguard you.

You may have many questions about your safety. We can help to steer you in the right direction by answering your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to helping you.




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