What everyone needs in his or her life is a sounding board. Someone to support, compliment, and understand you, and someone to protect you by keeping you on your feet, arguing with you, and pointing out potential risks. When you are in an equal relationship (i.e., similar income, same friends, etc.), this is normally no problem. As a celebrity, the relationship with others is usually unequal. As a high-profile person, you often have a higher(er) income, other relations, and, thanks to the position in the spotlight, many people know of you. This misbalance makes it difficult for others to function as a sounding board, to protect, discern, and assess any potential risks objectively. In many circumstances, celebrity protection services can keep you safe. Both you and your reputation.


Personal protection

Physically protecting a celebrity means that a protection officer needs to assist you when you want to lay low (during private moments) and when you are ‘on duty’. The difference in your presence when you are at home, on holiday, or visiting a private party requires a different protection approach than when you make a public appearance on stage, in a studio, or at a reading. The approach and protection services depend on your situation and the risks involved.

  • Every plan starts with a risk assessment. Unless we analyze the risks you run carefully, you may end up spending too much money on unnecessary protection. Alternatively, you could end up in an unsafe situation due to the lack of professional evaluation. Personal protection does not always mean that a bodyguard stands by your side all the time. It may also consist of advice to install adequate measures (from alarm systems, CCTV systems, and GPS-tracking devices) or training about how to alter your daily routine.
  • Personal protection can be in a covert (low-profile) or public (high-profile) form. Our services do not end by guarding your person. It can also include arranging safe transportation or other logistics.
  • Keeping you safe in a crowd during an event means that we keep fans at a safe distance and that we cooperate with (local) venue or tour security. Also, we scan the audience for conspicuous body language and facial expressions, anticipating activities from anyone who might have bad intentions.
  • When you plan on traveling nationally or internationally, our staff can accompany you, or we can provide you with information and advice to travel safely by yourself or with family.
  • If you feel you need home protection, we can install residential security.


Besides keeping you safe physically, you also need a soundboard for and protection of your reputation. What brand endorsement is connected to which crowd? And what risks does this crowd pose to your reputation? What actions benefit or harm your reputation? How is your digital security set up? What can harm your online presence? Are you being stalked? What implications does this have to your physical safety?

Another form of risk management involves keeping track of your online presence and your audience’s replies or reactions. This behavioral intelligence can detect potential threats and nip the situation in the bud if necessary.


Infinite Risks serves celebrity clients with a wide variety of occupations and fame. We understand that every person’s situation is different, which requires an individual approach. It means we need to understand your personal goals and assess the risks accordingly. Our clients include:

  • TV hosts
  • Talkshow hosts
  • News anchors
  • Performing artists
  • Journalists
  • Reality stars
  • Movie stars
  • Actors
  • Influencers
  • Singers
  • Bands
  • Professional athletes
  • Royals
  • Authors
  • Supermodels


When your situation, plans, or itinerary changes, we follow your lead. Give us a couple of hours to assess whether other risks are involved and, if necessary, change the measures accordingly.

Infinite Risks is experienced in providing celebrity protection services globally. Our staff is professional, discreet and familiar with people who work in the public eye. We invite you to contact us and find out what we can do for you.




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