Is Asia’s wealthiest city-state your next destination? Do you require bodyguard services in Singapore? Discover how we can help you.


Singapore is very conveniently located and, because of it, has had a trade function for as long as humans recorded history. Since its independence in the sixties (of the previous century), the city-state focussed on economic growth as British governmental and military influence and presence drew back. Exploiting the port, tourism, and cooperating with vast multinationals have been two of the focal points. Singapore’s port is the second-largest global port, and Changi Airport is a major airport in the region.

Government measures such as intervention in work ethics and civility and low tax rates have attracted over 7,000 Western multinationals to establish a subsidiary or headquarters on the island. The government also has a substantial stake in the current economy itself.

All these measures have resulted in prosperity. Today, Singapore ranks among the wealthiest countries in the world, where millionaires and UHNWIs live on every corner of the street.


The government has a no-tolerance policy when breaking the law. And laws are strict. Criminal offenses such as vandalism, stealing or disturbing public peace, and being drunk in public can result in jail time and physical punishments. Drugs are not tolerated, nor does illegal possession of firearms. Homosexuality is formally forbidden in Singapore. So be careful with LHBTIQ expressions, even if you are a foreigner.

All in all, Singapore is considered a low-risk country for low-profile leisure and business travel. The general tips for keeping yourself safe apply.


If you are new in Singapore or want the luxury of traveling through Singapore without having to worry about where to be on time and how to get there, we can help you during your stay.

Business travel

  • We accompany business travelers personally (bodyguars) on their flight over to Singapore and arrange secure transportation.
  • If you prefer to travel on your own but not take any risks, we can create a risk assessment. This way, we can fully help you prepare your travel requirements and accommodation remotely. If required, we arrange local personal protection and secure transportation.
  • Are you visiting a conference, trade show, gala or another big event? Consider covert protection. This form of personal protection is less noticeable, which may be comfortable for your host or guests.
  • For high-profile business travel (performing artists, politicians, sportspersons, etc.), we can also arrange tour and event security services to keep you at a distance from the public and guarantee your privacy.
  • We conduct corporate investigations to reduce your business risks or to screen a potential business partner.

Every form of service implies that we continuously monitor and assess your situation and location and maintain contact with health care services, local authorities or law enforcement if necessary. Also, we aim to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Other personal assistance tasks, such as making reservations or arranging VIP shopping, can be included as well.

Holiday travel

From arranging your travels remotely to personal assistance or protection during your stay, we offer our services to make your trip to Singapore an unforgettable one. This VIP protection service also applies to clients with health-related or mobility issues.

Expat life

When your life is about to change completely because you and your family plan to live in Singapore for a more extended period, we can help your company make the transition as smooth as possible.

We can find and protect a suitable residence for you and your family, assist in finding excellent schools, and get you acquainted with how life works as an expat family.

Would you like to hire staff, such as a security driver, a nanny, or house cleaning staff? We can help you find and select the best candidates and conduct a thorough background screening.


We have experienced that intelligent technical solutions and personal protection have a place in all our services. We rely on a trusted group of security professionals to tailor to your needs.

As a Dutch-based company, we have worked for many Dutch business or holiday travelers and expatriates in preparing their trip or staying as comfortable as possible. Yet, our services have also benefitted other European and Northern American expatriates as we have familiarized ourselves with the appropriate legislation and standards for these countries as well.

Our protection officers are predominantly Dutch, British and US trained staff from specialized military and police units. Our protection officers speak multiple languages, are uniquely skilled in, e.g., advanced driving, medical aid and outdoor sports.

We have plenty of experience traveling to and in Singapore and keeping our clients safe here. We welcome you to contact us for more information.




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