London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom has chosen to step into a future more independently than they have been for many decades. Brexit is the word used to describe the struggle of how Britain needs to rearrange the economic and social measures to become autonomous in the future, once again. So what influence does Brexit have on bodyguard services in London?

Geographically, London is only a short trip from the European mainland, and it will always be a place that attracts tourists. It has so much to offer. Also, businesses, NGOs, diplomats, politicians, and ex-pats will keep considering London their home, and many foreigners will always have a work-related reason to come to the capital.

Yet, the current endeavor to arrange a secure future for citizens ands Brits who live abroad has many feel insecure about the impact it will have on them. Also, what will the effect of decisions be on visitors, both leisure and business?


Visiting London is considered very safe for tourists and business people with a low profile. Check any blog about traveling to London. Writers will advise you to be alert as a tourist and take the same measures you would when visiting any other major capital. As a professional protection agency, we second that opinion. No problems there. What does pose a threat is:

  • As far as terrorist attacks are concerned, during recent years, assaults have only been initiated by individuals or small organizations without mass impact. For London, two assault risks should be considered. One is the possible risk of demonstrations against impending political decisions concerning Brexit. For instance, the impact on the Irish Republic and its border connection to Northern Ireland. The other risk is the continuous threat of terrorist attacks due to the British involvement in the conflicts in the Middle East.
  • Not only Brexit or the current pandemic but also the political changes and economic changes overall make people feel insecure. This leads to polarization. People have a difficult time distinguishing fake news from reality, resulting in demonstrations and riots.
  • Due to their status or wealth, people with a high-profile may feel insecure about traveling to and in London. They often consult with a protection agency.


As a security agency operating internationally, we assist our clients in various ways, from consultancy (e.g., risk assessments to personal protection). One of the following examples may apply to your situation.

Full-package protection

If you are not familiar (yet) with the city of London, our protection officers can keep you safe from possible threats and help you avoid or pass through crowds anonymously. We can arrange your bodyguards, hotel reservations, luxury ground transportation, private jet/helicopter hire and leisure reservations. When we take responsibility for arranging your VIP visit to London, analyzing potential risks and planning safety measures will be much easier for us. We always consider your changing plans or itinerary.

Residential and event security

For residents, understanding which measures and security services will keep you, your family, and your assets safe can be quite a challenge, especially if you have moved to London only recently. We can protect your home, organize safe transportation or the security for your event.

Executive protection

Executive protection is our specialty, both overt and covert. We offer our protective services to CEOs, UHNWIs, diplomats and celebrities. We can accompany you during your travels or arrange extensive security measures for your event.


Infinite Risks is one of the professional protection agencies operating in London. We have international experience. Our licensed bodyguards, security drivers, and security consultants have been educated and trained in elite forces of the United Kingdom, United States and the Netherlands.

For any questions about our bodyguard services in London, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.




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