The Republic of Ireland is hot! It attracts holidaymakers, business travelers, immigrants, and expatriates from all over the world. The reasons for these types of travelers or residents visiting or starting a new life in Ireland lies in its booming economy, Brexit, and splendid, expansive nature. We have served clients with a need for personal security to become acclimatized to their new homes and accompanied diplomats, CEOs, or UHNWIs during their travels. International experience has made our job more manageable. Discover why in this article about our bodyguard services in Ireland.


Ireland had a longstanding reputation of being one of Europe’s poorest countries. Many Irish left by crossing the ocean to North America to settle there. After World War Two, it remained an economically weak country for decades with a focus on agriculture.


The nineties brought a change in focus to the export of high-tech products and services. One of the incentives to attract more foreign companies was to offer low tax regulations. Communication-wise it was easy to establish a subsidiary thanks to the English language. Another was offering students accessible schools and universities at low cost. As a result, the level of highly educated business entrants grew enormously, and so did the wages. It was said that around the turn of the last century, Ireland created approximately five millionaires every week.


Since Brexit on 1st January 2021, many British companies have moved their offices or headquarters to Ireland. Companies in the banking, asset management and insurance branches have mostly relocated to Dublin to maintain their access to and free trade with the European market.

Ireland is the preferred location for British companies thanks to its close ties between both the UK and European Union. The same time zone, the similarity in culture, legal system and language offer plenty of opportunities.

One of the downsides of relocating is the tight housing market. This means finding a proper office building and moving and finding warehouses for stocks is a huge challenge. Another problem is the possible unrest due to the uncertainty about the political decision on how to operate the Ireland border between the Irish Republic and North Ireland.


As the country grew its economy, also tourism grew. Today, capital Dublin, the vast nature with its cliffs and mountains, and the abundance of castles and golf courses attract many visitors each year.


Traveling in a relaxed way as a business person or for leisure purposes with your family can be achieved by identifying any potential risks. Such an assessment applies to you personally, but it can also concern your assets. So, whether you plan to relocate or just stay in Ireland for a few days, we can help you.

  • As an internationally operating protection company, we keep on top of the global news. As far as risks are concerned for companies required to move to another location, we can conduct a comprehensive risk analysis. Our assessments may include people (you, family members, staff, etc.), businesses, sites, buildings, vehicles and other assets. Understanding the possible threats means you can install suitable security measures timely, which may prevent unnecessary investments.
  • For the relocation of (valuable) assets, furnishings, inventory and other possessions, we offer a complete travel security service that ranges from journey management to transport security and cargo escorts.
  • Personal protection keeps you or your staff members safe. We offer a variety of services ranging from covert (low-profile) to clearly visible bodyguard services in Ireland.
  • Personal security for celebrities, artists and performers can be combined with event security services and the protection of your reputation.
  • For personal travels locally or internationally, a travel bodyguard can accompany you. Our security driver and/or armored vehicles bring you to your destination safely.
  • If you want to understand the risks and extent of measures you need to take to guarantee your company’s physical safety and cyber security, consider letting us conduct a penetration test and regular security audits.


As a Dutch company offering all-round security specialist services, Infinite Risks Internationl operates internationally. Our clients include UHNWIs, diplomats, artists, and business executives. Building a long-term relationship with our clients benefits the extent and quality of our protection services. Assisting several individuals, also in Ireland, resulted in extended services, for instance, residential security and event security for their companies and families.

Our specific method of operations based on our Dutch roots and stringently selected staff enables us to maintain the high level of quality we aim for. Please feel free to contact us for more information about bodyguard services in Ireland.




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