If you wonder how to become a bodyguard, starting your search on the requirements of bodyguard jobs is a very good first step. In the overview, we aim to provide information about what it takes to become a close protection, personal protection or executive protection officer. These are other names commonly used to describe a bodyguard.

This bodyguard jobs overview lists the requirements private security agencies set when recruiting for bodyguards that operate internationally and are licensed.


In a nutshell, as a bodyguard, you should be able to use all your senses to detect and assess potential threats and take necessary actions needed to protect your client. This requires knowledge, skills, experience, the right attitude and a certain personality.

  • Your personality covers being adaptive, honorable, creative, observant, detail-oriented, eager to learn, compassionate, empathetic and service-oriented. Using these traits, you are an excellent communicator, you can act as a team player but work individually when needed, and use your common sense in finding the best solution for each situation.
  • Your physical condition is excellent. You take care of your body and appearance by a combination of eating healthy, exercising plenty, a sound sleeping pattern and ensuring mindful relaxation.
  • Your skills include effectively managing logistical operations, being service minded, great interpersonal skills, speaking multiple languages, possessing a valid driver’s license and certificate for an advanced driving course and being medically trained. If you are experienced in sports like skiing, horse riding, climbing and sailing, this can be in your advantage.
  • You are educated or received accredited close protection or executive protection training from a reputable training company and gained previous experience being part of a specialist military unit, governmental close protection or covert surveillance and intelligence unit. Why this is so important will be explained later on in this article.

Even if you tick all the boxes, you also have to demonstrate a confident professional attitude all day, every day. This may sound logical, but sometimes you find yourself in a situation where emotions or tension gets the upper hand. You can think of situations where you need to take control of your client’s wellbeing. Even is he or she is unaware of the danger and mildly protests against your planned actions. Or, when the hours exceed your expectation, and you are required to perform your duties for an extended period of time.


The reason a professional security agency hires only people with a proven track record is that in their business, they cannot take any risk whatsoever. The risk of losing a big contract is always around the corner. A professional bodyguard who works for a celebrity, an artist, a diplomat or a wealthy businessman needs to know what to do under any given circumstance.

A minimum age of a little under 30 years of age is desired to show some authority. In gaining protective experience, you must have traveled the world and learned to cope with different cultures as well as speak several languages.


Intelligence is a significant part of the job in the challenging world we live in today. Former military or law enforcement staff are trained and gained experience in covert surveillance, close protection, working in hostile environments and working with confidential information, etc. Not only acting efficiently and effectively in a dangerous situation may save the life of your client, preventing a treacherous situation is even better. Intercepting criminals or attackers who plan to kidnap, assault or extort your client can be done by keen intelligence. Experience in these fields combined with qualities like dedication, discipline and adaptability makes former military and law enforcement staff easier to recruit.


A personal bodyguard, close or covert protection officer or security driver is a person who is 100% reliable, can efface himself/herself for the client, can use all of his/her senses at the same time and is always one step ahead.

Infinite Risks hires the best bodyguards only. Our clients include high-profile (V)VIPs and celebrities, (U)HNWIs, royalty, media teams, diplomats, etc. We work with reliable partners in our worldwide professional network.

If you want more information about bodyguard jobs, employment or if you feel you want to take your career to the next level, please check out the Recruitment Page on our website to learn more.




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