Clients who have been in the spotlight for an extended time understand how to find a bodyguard for hire from a reliable protection company. They comprehend the significance of finding a professional that can appreciate their work-related or leisure goals and their position in society.

To a newcomer, the security business may seem a jungle of possibilities where a lot of deadwood can be found. To help you understand how to separate the bad (not to hire) from the professional bodyguards (a.k.a. close protection officers), this article describes 7 issues you can consider when making a decision.

  1. Country | region | city

In what geographical location will you be or will you travel to? The first thing a professional agency will do is to conduct risk, threat and vulnerability assessments. Your location is the priority aspect an agency takes into account. Location defines not only the place you find yourself at but also the climate, culture, general health care, religion, economy, etc. You can image that New York City requires a different approach than Abu Dhabi or Nigeria would.

How safe is the country, region or city? What travel advice does your government give out? This is  the first aspect to check before considering if you require personal protection.

  1. How is the country, region or city organized?

How is the infrastructure organized? Are the methods of transportation in a modern state? Is public transportation available, and is it safe? Can you read the road signs, travel by yourself or do you require secure transportation? Are the roads in good shape? Can you communicate with locals or do you need an interpreter in the case of an emergency? How is the health care system organized?

These are the second round of questions that you can ask yourself. A professional security agency will investigate the details for you, if necessary.

  1. Inside information

Even further local information about the country, city or region you visit, can help you decide whether to hire a close protection officer. Can you find a good hotel, restaurants and driver or guide to bring you from place to place? Also, think of issues like street safety, petty theft, crime rates and corruption under the local authorities. Are you sure you can you feel safe on the streets, day and night?

This information is not so evident to laypeople. Knowing who to contact to retrieve detailed information requires a vast international network of reliable contacts.

  1. Local bodyguard versus someone with international experience

A local bodyguard could offer some advantages as they will already know the location like the back of their hand. While an internationally operating bodyguard may take a bit longer to familiarize himself/herself with the location and he/she may not speak the local language, there are some advantages to their expertise. They tend to be more innovative in finding solutions as they have been working with so many cultures and they can adopt a low-profile more easily (being part of your entourage) which may make your encounters with locals less hostile. Not having any connection with the locals will also ensure your bodyguard will protect you against deceit and swindles.

If you would like to know more about the advantages and experience of an international operating bodyguard, please read this article.

  1. Secure transportation, accommodation and reservations

When your location requires security drivers (for instance, due to the threat of carjacking or robbery), enquire whether your protection agency can provide this via their screened network. Secure transportation is not only about the safety of the vehicle, but also about a reliable, screened and insured security driver who has additional, protective driving skills and has been trained in first aid.

  1. Armed or unarmed bodyguards

In some countries, armed bodyguards is a necessity. Think of high-risk zones near war regions or at sea to fend off pirates. The obvious belief that you would feel safer with an armed protection officer may prevail. However, statistics show that casualties happen more often during accidents than in protective action. You can distinguish a professional security agency based on their view on this subject. An elite trained bodyguard experienced in working in special operations and intelligence units will try to prevent using arms at all times. Because preventing an incident from happening is the core business of any bodyguard.

Read the article ‘Unarmed security versus armed bodyguards: 7 facts’ for more information.

  1. Intelligence

As pointed out in the previous item, instead of arms, various intelligence skills are the most valuable weapons a bodyguard can use. Do not be fooled by a bodyguard who looks like a bodybuilder with a daunting expression. In some cases, a person of stature will be beneficial to fend off intruders or criminals. Yet in other cases, a protection officer can work more effectively when he or she blends in with your entourage.

When you are looking for a suitable bodyguard, the first interests are the officer’s personal intelligence, empathy and his or her experience in applying intelligence to the job. That means that the person is capable of conducting a personal interview, after which he or she starts researching for a comprehensive risk assessment. Only this way, your needs will be listed accurately, and your bodyguard can act upon it accordingly. Knowing what is going on and understanding your full situation is the foundation of excellent bodyguard work.

Read the article about protective intelligence to find out how a professional applies intelligence to prevent incidents.


Infinite Risks is an internationally operating protection agency. We hire licensed staff only who have been certified and trained in elite military, intelligence and/or police forces. Our company serves clients in 50+ countries and in various industries, from entertainment to politics.

If you feel this information could be of service to anyone, please share the link. If you have any further questions about selecting an agency or a professional bodyguard for hire to cater to your specific needs, please feel free to reach out to us.




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